26 Million SIMs Blocked After the Re-Verification Period Ended

26 Million SIMs Blocked After the Re-Verification Period Ended

26 Million SIMs Blocked After the Re-Verification Period Ended

All mobile phone companies of Pakistan are done with 3 months lengthy duration of Biometric Re-verification of SIMs. Through this BVS process, 103 million prepaid SIMs of all mobile networks were thought to be re-verified by their legal owners.

For this purpose, each mobile phone user was asked to visit the franchise of his/her individual mobile network along with original CNC and SIM card. At the end of BVS, around 26 Million SIMs are blocked. Here, SimsPK is providing a brief detail of the statistics of biometric SIM re-verification process.

Total SIMs for Re-Verification:

  • 64 million SIMs in which 1 and 2 SIMs per CNIC per mobile operator were allocated.
  • 30 million SIMs in which 3 and more SIMs per CNIC per mobile operator were registered.
  • It means that a total of 103 million of SIMs for re-verification were present.

SIMs Re-Verification Stats:

  • 1 Million (Against 60 million CNICs) SIMs is verified now.
  • 7 Million SIMs are blocked or disowned.
  • 2 Million SIMs is left unverified and these are going to be block.
  • It means that the total number of blocked SIMs including both disowned and unverified is 26 Million.


During the re-verification process, around 16.7 million SIMs were blocked by operators as customers disowned. Furthermore, the mobile network companies processed a total of 93.8 million SIMs (out of 103 million targets SIMs) from which around 9.2 million SIMs remained un-verified. These unverified SIMs are already being blocked by the operators. Hence, a total of 26 million SIMs (out of 103 million) are blocked as a result of biometric re-verification of SIMs.

Suggestion made from late Saturday report says that a total of 77.1 million SIMs were re-verified during last 90 days of BVS process. However, the final stats of re-verification SIM process is yet to be deduct on Monday. Stay connected with us for further details!!!

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