Category: PTCL Call Packages

PTCL is a Pakistani based telecom company that serves the people of Pakistan in the best way possible with all the best services and features you can have. The company has great mission and vision to provide the best service to the people of Pakistan by offering them the best PTCL packages that they can benefit from. These packages are internet packages, calling packages, and much more. In short, PTCL is providing best service in everything. The broadband packages by PTCL are even amazing. PTCL broadband is the biggest and the quickest growing broadband service in the country. Since the launch on May 19 2007, it has acquired more than 1.2 million customers in more than 2000 cities and towns in the country.

Now experience the internet at its best with great high speed from the PTCL broadband packages and even enjoy the voice service simultaneously on the telephone line with extra cable connections. PTCL broadband provides great broadband service with the unmatched affordability, reliability and connectivity.

PTCL Features:

  • The cost effective internet access allows you to save money and use the internet in the best way possible.
  • The speed of downloading is high speed and perfect.
  • The downloading is unlimited. This means that there is no download limit and you can download as much as you can and want.
  • With the PTCL broadband packages, you get free modem and here you save on the cost of the device.
  • You can order the packages on phone or on website without any issues.
  • There are no upfront charges. All the charges are mentioned and there are no hidden or upfront charges that you shall pay.

Advantages of choosing PTCL:

  • The connectivity is amazing and is not at all interrupted.
  • The customer service of the company is mind blowing as you get all the answers for all the queries right there at that time on phone or in the office.
  • The subscription charges for all the packages are very less and thus put much burden on your bill.
  • The connectivity of the internet is speedy and quick and it never shuts down. The speed is very fast and provides you with quicker downloads and unlimited download speeds.
  • The rates vary for different download speeds and this allows you to select the package according to your need.

To sum it all, PTCL packages are convenient and very much comfortable for the users of the packages. These provide great opportunities to the ones who are using them and offer them countless number of packages that you would want to avail. The packages are simply great and mind blowing and they are definitely worth trying if you wish to save money and still get the best of the best service possible. The company provides superior customer care service that you will surely love.
Following is the list of till date PTCL Call Packages: