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Ufone Packages

Ufone is one of the most widely used networks all over Pakistan and there is no one who would not have heard about the famous ‘It’s All About U’. Ufone Packages are almost un-beatable by any other network of Pakistan. The company was founded in January 2001 and has remained a successful venture since then. Initially, the users on the network were few but as it gained popularity, Ufone’s customer base has certainly increased and is no less in fighting the competition posed by the other telecom companies providing their services in Pakistan. When Ufone is the question, one normally associates the brand with the youth and young people across the country. However, that has not kept the network from serving customers of all ages.

When talking about the Ufone packages and bundles, they are broadly divided into two; Ufone Postpay and Ufone Prepaid. Postpay generally appeals to the corporate world with bigger communication needs which require them to stay connected on the go! Whereas Prepaid is for those who like to keep in touch with friends and family in a cost effective manner. Certain it is that the services for both Postpay and Prepaid vary in terms of price and facilities too!
Ufone Prepaid itself features a wide range of packages for a number of purposes such as calls, texts and internet usage. You can subscribe to a package of your choice and see whether you like it or not. Once you feel the package is good enough, you can resubscribe the offer or discontinue if you want. Promising the lowest rates of all time, Ufone brings the following packages to its customers under Prepaid service:

• Bundle offers
• Uth Package
• Super 5 offer
• 30 Paisa offer
• Roaming Bachat Call
• Din Bhar Offer
• Pakistan Offer
• Location Based Offer
• And Many More..

This is not all. When you take a trip to Ufone’s website, you will come across a number of value added services such as wallpapers of your favorite movies, ringtones for your favorite songs, games and TV commercials too! So, if you just missed out on Ufone’s latest commercial on TV, login to the website and take a look! Staying connected to all the buzz happening at your service provider was never so easy!

Ufone is a customer oriented company so anytime you are stuck in a problem, you can use the customer support and submit your feedback or ask a query! Lady’s Package and International Packages are also available at Ufone so now you do not have to stay without talking to your loved ones overseas. Simply subscribe to your favorite packages and ring them up to talk for hours! If you are off to a vacation, Ufone also offers roaming facilities so do not need to spend on an international network carrier. Just stay with Ufone and all your needs will be looked after!

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The services offered by Ufone are low priced and efficient so join the network to experience much more! Following are the Ufone Packages, News and other Ufone Stuff:

Ufone Super Card Plus – Better Monthly Resources at Rs. 599

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