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Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages are the best and cheapest among all other internet packages that are offered by other cellular networks of Pakistan.

Ufone is one of the most leading cellular service providers that offer the best mobile internet. You can avail any internet package to enjoy great speed streaming and browsing right from your mobile phones. The company provides various internet bundles for its customers at cheaper rates that include hourly packages, daily, monthly, weekly and unlimited packages as well. As it is known that people require high speed internet for surfing internet on their cell phones to stay in touch with their family and friends on the social networks such as Facebook, Ufone comes up with such brilliant internet packages.

For the activation of any Ufone Mobile Internet packages, you can send an SMS with the relevant code for activation. Complete details of various Ufone internet packages are given as follows:

There are mainly 4 Ufone Internet Packages, Send SMS ‘SUB’ to the short codes of the packages mentioned below i.e. Send sms ‘SUB’ to 804 for Hourly Internet Package:

  1. Ufone Hourly Internet Package
  2. Ufone Daily Internet Package
  3. Ufone Daily (Special) Internet Package
  4. Ufone Monthly Internet Package

1) Ufone Hourly Internet Package:

It has unlimited data limit and the subscription charges are around Rs.15 per hour including tax and the activation SMS is 804. In this bundle you pay Rs.15 per hour and in that hour you get unlimited internet without any limit. Use as much internet as you can do the socializing and web browsing to the fullest without any worry. The speed of internet will also be amazing.

2) Ufone Daily Internet Package:

Ufone Daily intenet bundle provides you with the usage of daily internet having a limit of 50MB per day. The subscription charges are around Rs.10 including tax and the validity is 24 hours. Activation SMS shortcut is 804. With this package, you just have to pay the subscription charges daily and for the 24 hours enjoy the 50MB of internet without any interruption.

3) Ufone Daily (Special) Internet Package:

It is a daily internet package by Ufone in which the data limit is 75Mb and the subscription charges are Rs.4.99 including tax. The validity of this package starts from 1am to 9:00 pm. For subscribing this Daily mobile internet package, the activation SMS shortcut is the number 810. This package would provide you the internet for around 75 MB every day from the timings 1am to 9Pm. In this period you can avail the given data limit and do all your work without any issue.

4) Ufone Monthly Internet Package:

Enjoy endless internet all month with the Ufone monthly internet Package. The charges are Rs.30 including tax and the validity is 2:00 am to 9:00 am and the activation SMS shortcut is 7813. You can avail the unlimited internet all month daily from 2 am to 9 am.

With these amazing Internet Bundles by Ufone, it is evident that this company takes care of all the needs of the people and knows what to offer to whom. These packages are feasible for everyone and you can select the one that you find useful and according to use and your timings. The speed is amazing and the connectivity is even uninterrupted. Following is the till date Ufone Internet Packages list:

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