CDA’s activity management system to monitor its staff through Ufone 3G service

CDA’s Activity Management System Through Ufone 3G Service

CDA’s Activity Management System Through Ufone 3G Service

Ufone introduces a 3G based activity management system for Capital Development Authority (CDA) with which CDA can monitor the activities of its staff easily. Ufone’s CDA activity management system different tasks can be assigned to CDA employees to monitor the progress in their working as well as a time stamped feed of the activities can also be viewed easily.

Recently, Ufone and other major telecom operators of Pakistan have used 3G services in Pakistan in a productive direction. Earlier, Samsung provided CDA free mobile phones for this purpose. In Pakistan, it is CDA activity management system by Ufone is an innovative 3G enabled smartphone app. CDA management can keep a trail on all activities of its workers on floor, provided with pictures and locations of the staff members with this solution provided by Ufone 3G network.

Mr. Noman Azhar, the Head of Financial Services at Ufone, speaking about the launch of Ufone 3G based activity management system for CDA, said, “This management system will principally facilitate CDA in time management, better utilization of financial and human resources, whereby setting a model for others to track suit. We are working on more such pioneering solutions with the use of the existing 3G technology.”

Mr. Maroof Afzal, the Chairman CDA, on this instance said, “We show gratitude to Ufone for introducing this high-end and novel management system for CDA as it will help us to enhance our efficiency and productivity, whereby utilizing these resources in supplementary areas.”

We hope that Ufone will bring such interesting and helpful offers in near future also.

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