Djuice Announces The Winners Of Apportunity 2014 Competition

Djuice Announces The Winners Of Apportunity 2014 Competition

Djuice Announces The Winners Of Apportunity 2014 Competition

The winners of Apportunity 2014 competition have been announced by djuice. During an event in Karachi, this announcement was made by the representatives of Telenor Pakistan and djuice, in the presence of partner vendors, academia, small & medium enterprises, media and budding entrepreneurs.

For Apportunity 2014 competition, djuice partnered with Microsoft so that the competition can be brought to the platform of Windows Phone apart from the already famous Apple iOS & Google Android. With the aim of encouraging quality app submissions, Microsoft also helped djuice to get to chief university incubation centers. Furthermore, djuice was also supported by Pakistan Software House Association (P@SHA) that resulted in the opening of this competition to the software houses as well, for the first time in history of Telenor Apportunity competition.

For conducting out the mentoring sessions sequentially for users to intermingle with industry experts and improve their app ideas, the Apportunity team visited 11 universities and incubation centers all over Pakistan. From 28 cities of Pakistan, Apportunity 2014 received 110 submissions in 11 distinct categories.

‘Team Amplifiers’ won the Apportunity 2014 competition for developing ‘Project AMP’ which they explain as a “solution to transform a mobile phone and a Bluetooth headset into a cost-effectively programmable hearing-aid gadget.” This winning app will be represented soon at Digital Winners Global App Developer Challenge 2014 in Oslo where it can stand an opportunity to win the ‘Best App in Asia’ award with prize money of $ 33,000. If in case Team Amplifiers app fails to win ‘Best App in Asia’ award, even then djuice will reward Rs. 200,000 to them.

Fayyaz Minhas won prizes worth Rs. 100,000, in the new category of Best Internet App for developing the app titled The runners up won the prizes of Rs 200,000. While the rest of the participants also awarded Nokia Lumia handsets and internship opportunities at Microsoft Innovation Centre Pakistan by djuice to appreciate their hard work.

All winning apps will also be hosted at the Telenor App Store along with their native platforms. Telenor App Store, as we have articled earlier ago, is a pioneering platform to encourage local apps as well as entrepreneurial projects in the mobile app growth zone.

The Chief Marketing Officer at Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan, said to praise the enthusiasm of the contestants, “We are pleased to view the superiority and concepts of apps registered with the contest this year. They confirm that Pakistani youth is conscious of the supremacy of mobile technology and its aptitude to drive social change with focused deployment of internet. We believe programs like Apportunity will take part in a major role in promoting the construction of local content and as a result to expand 3G ecosystem in Pakistan, taking us closer to our goal of bringing “Internet for All.”

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