Djuice Din Raat Package

Djuice Din Raat Package

Djuice Din Raat Package

Djuice Din Raat package is well known because of its lowest charged on-net calls and affordable all days charges. As a Djuice subscriber, you must be having a great bunch of friends in your circle with whom you want to stay connected all day long via lengthy cheaper calls at any time. Djuice Din Raat package is the best option for you if you want to make lengthy free Djuice calls at any time of the day without having the hectic of balance shortage.

So what are you waiting for? Activate to Djuice Din Raat package today and enjoy long Djuice calls 24 hours a day. The tariff details of Djuice Din Raat package are given below:

Charges Of Djuice Din Raat Package:

The tariff of Djuice Din Raat package is tabled below:

Menu Level 11 pm – 5 pm 5 pm – 11 pm
On-net FnF Rs. 3.5+Tax / hour Rs. 0.50+Tax
Off-net FnF Rs. 0.50+Tax
International FnF Rs 0.5 (USA, Canada, UK (L)), Rs. 4 (UK (m))
On-net calls Rs. 1.25+Tax
Off-net calls Rs. 1.25+Tax
Video Calls Rs. 2 = Tax / 5 min
SMS (any network) Rs. 0.50+Tax / SMS
MMS (Receiving) Free
Mobile Internet Usage Rs. 1.13 / 64KB (inclusive of all charges)

Local MMS Sending Charges:

Local MMS
Size Charge
< 100 KB 6 PKR incl.Tax
100<x<200 KB 12 PKR incl.Tax
200<x<300 KB 18 PKR incl.Tax


International MMS Sending Charges:

International MMS
Size Charge
< 100 KB 17.99 PKR incl.Tax
100<x<200 KB 35.98 PKR incl.Tax
200<x<300 KB 53.97 PKR incl.Tax


Din Raat Offer For Calls:

  • Daily subscription fee is just Rs. 1.99+tax.
  • Make unlimited Friends and Family (FnF) calls at only Rs. 3.5+tax/hour price rate.
  • Calls to FnF can be made at any time of the day except 5pm-11pm.
  • 30 seconds charging is set unless specified.

How To Migrate To Djuice Din Raat Package:

Migration to Djuice Din Raat package can be done by following any of the 2 method given below:

  • Simply send an SMS “migrate” to 345
  • Simply dial either 345661 or 345662

Terms And Conditions:

  • 15 friends and family members can be added in the circle.
  • This offer is also available on Djuice one plan.
  • From 5pm – 11pm daily, this offer is not valid.
  • Rs 1.99+tax will be charged as daily deduction charges.
  • On usage, 19.5% FED is applied.
  • On every card load, 20 Paisa + Tax will be charged.
  • To check balance, simply dial *444#
  • Balance inquiry charges are just 20 Paisa + Tax.
  • 12 paisa incl.Tax/call will be deducted as call setup charges.
  • Video call charging will be done on 5 minutes basis.
  • Hangout, Facetime, Skype and other OTT apps will be charged as per the relevant Data / Internet Rate.
  • Djuice package mechanics and price are subject to change at any time on Telenor’s decision.

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