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By November 4, 2014

Djuice International Call Rates

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Djuice International Call Rates

Djuice brings the lowest international calling rates to all international destinations, so don’t hesitate to call your loved ones in any international country. Buy your djuice connection now and pick any international destination to call. Select the country and djuice international calling rates will be shown to you.

Anywhere on the globe, you can make international calls with your djuice SIM in the lowest calling rates ever.

Terms And Conditions:

  • 60 seconds charging pulse is applied.
  • On usage, 19.5% FED is applied.
  • On every card load, 20 Paisa + Tax will be charged.
  • To check balance, simply dial *444#
  • Balance inquiry charges are just 20 Paisa + Tax.
  • 12 paisa incl.Tax/call will be deducted as call setup charges.
  • Djuice package mechanics and price are subject to change at any time on Telenor’s decision.
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