Djuice Pakistan Ranked as Most Socially Devoted Brand During July 2014

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Djuice Ranked as Most Socially Devoted Brand
Djuice Ranked as Most Socially Devoted Brand

During July 2014, the youth centric brand of Telenor Pakistan “djuice” has been named the most socially devoted Facebook brand in the world in telecommunications industry.

It is the latest statistical data that is published by Social Bakers. djuice was the topper in telecom division with 100% response rate with over 10000 user questions answered in July 2014, according to analytical data released by

The post of Telenor Pakistan from FIFA Football World Cup campaign became the 2nd most famous post in Pakistan according to the analytical data released by according to this report, the total interactions was in excess of 50000 and an engagement rate of 7.7% while an average post engagement rate in Pakistan is just 0.22%.

The Chief Marketing Officer at Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan, sharing his views on significance of social media said, “Telenor Pakistan believes in innovation and as we try to take this innovation story forward particularly in this new exciting times of 3G in Pakistan. We think that the social media is a influential tool in building a stronger bond and relationship between our customers and our brands.”

Telenor Pakistan has all the time been active on social-media stage with an ambition to frankly connect with its customers. Telenor was also ranked as most socially devoted telecom brand in 2012 by Socialbakers.

The infographic for Pakistani brands along with their performance on Social Media during July 2014 can be check below:

Social Infographic of Pakistani Brands
Social Infographic of Pakistani Brands

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