Glow Introduces the Glow Generation


Warid Glow introduces a new plan for its glow customers, “The Glow Generation” package. Warid glow generation package will be the by-default package on all the new glow sims. With the subscription of this package, glow subscribers can enjoy unlimited Warid friends and family bundles plus unlimited social media bundles. The charges are as low as just 99 Paisas plus tax per day. So glow your Warid sim with Warid glow generation package.

How To Subscribe:

For the 1st time in Pakistan, Glow enables its customers to make unlimited number of FnF to the number one network of Pakistan. On glow Generation package, unlimited free social media browsing is also presented. You just need to buy a Warid glow sim and send sms “GG” to 7777. All Warid prepaid customers can subscribe to this package.

Tariff Details:

– 45 Paisas per 30 seconds will be charged on on-net FnF calls.
– 99 Paisas per 30 seconds will be charged on all other calls to any network of Pakistan.
– 45 Paisas will be charged for sending sms to any number in Pakistan.

Social Media Bundle Details:

– Social media bundle is available on glow generation package.
– Free Facebook and Whatsapp are included in social media bundle.
– 99 paisas plus tax per day will be charged.
– For subscription, send sms “GG” to 7777
– For un-subscription, send sms “FWoff” to 7777

FnF Details:

– You can add up to 99 Warid friends and family numbers.
– For adding FnF, send sms “Add” to 2129
– For deleting FnF, send sms “Del” < FNF number> to 2129
– For checking FnF, send sms “list1” to 2129 to get a list of first 10 FnF numbers. Similarly, send sms “list2” to 2129 to get a list of next 10 FnF numbers and so on.
– All 99 Warid FnF can be checked by the above mentioned procedure.

Charges Details:

– For sending sms to 7777, Rupee 1 will be charged.
– For sending sms to 2129, Rupees 2 will be charged.
– For adding FnF only once, Rupees 3 will be charged.
– At Rs.1, 1st FnF call of the day will be charged
– To change your package plan, Rs. 5 will be charged.
– For social media bundle, 99 paisas will be charged on daily basis.
– At Rs. 1.2 / 64kb, mobile internet will be charged.

Terms & Conditions:

– At the same time as the subscription of glow generation package, no any other package including Happy Hour, FNF Hybrid, CUG FAF, Apna Sheher offer, FNF Offer, Ghanta Offer, Raat-Din, Super FAF, Super Zone can be subscribed.
– The charges of social media bundle will be deduced on daily basis.
– In case of insufficient balance, social media bundle will automatically be unsubscribed.
– Send sms FWoff to 7777 for deactivating social media bundle.
– Dial 100 for deactivation glow generation package.
– If you change you package from glow generation then benefits regarding FnF will not be granted any more.
– Mobile internet browsing charges are also applied at the default rates along with social media bundle.
– Call setup charges are applied.
– Glow generation is a limited time offer.
– Taxes are applied.
– Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime – PTA

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