How to Check Availability of 3G Services in Your Area

How_to_Check_Availability_of_3G_Services_in_Your_AreaIn major cities of Pakistan, 3G services will be launched within after a few days. So, here is the tutorial available for you to check if any 3G services are by now present in your local areas. All of the cellular companies are already testing 3G services in major of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad/ Rawalpindi. We have heard about Multan as well, so it could be exclusively fine. 1 more thing important to be mentioned here is that minimum 2 operators are permitting 3G services to be used by its customers. It means that you can their 3G networks now to start using their offered 3G services.

You can easily check the availability of 3G services in your locality by following this easy tutorial demonstrated here:

3G ready phones:

All mobile phones are not 3G ready. So you should have a 3g compatible handset so as to enjoy 3G services. To check whether you mobile phone is compatible with 3G networks or not, you just to check the specifications regarding your network in your mobile phone on GSM arena or any other complimentary website.

For your ease, we are explaining it by taking the example of Huawei G610. GSM arena says that its network specifications are:

–          3G Network: HSDPA 900 / 2100 – SIM 1
–          2G Network: GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 – SIM 1 & SIM 2

So it is obvious that Huawei G610 is 3G compatible handset and for this reason, it can be used for checking the availability of 3G services in your locality.

Check 3G Availability in Your City:

Even prior to the commercial launching of 3G services, you can use them as cellular companies of Pakistan are already spreading their 3G services. Here for this tutorial of checking 3G services in your area, we are taking the example of an android phone in which android 4.3 is running. Those users who are using iOS or some other platform can follow their respective menus.

–          1st, go to ‘settings’.
–          Click ‘more’.

1- Click on to ‘mobile networks’

2 – Now, clink on ‘network mode’

3- Now from the given options. Select ‘WCDMA (preferred) / GSM’. It will help you mobile phone to search for the 3G networks also.

4- Now again go on the option of ‘mobile network’ and click on ‘service providers’. It will help your cell phone to search all available 2G and 3G networks that are available in your locality. When we did so, we found the result that is shown below:

5- It shows that Telenor and Ufone networks have 3G services in your city while Zong, Mobilink & Warid have just enables 2G networks at this locality. Select simply the 3G type of your cellular operator if it is enlisted. When your handset is connected with 3G network then go to ‘setting’. Select ‘about phone’ and then select ‘status’. It will help you to see the type of mobile network (HSPA was the mobile network type in my case).


6- As we are confirming you that the usage of 2G and 3G services is absolutely free during this trial period, do keep an eye on your mobile credit so as to ensure that you are not being charged with any kind of data or internet services. Charges for internet data usage with 3G networks can be unequivocally elevated.

If you are able to use 3G services with your mobile network in your locality, do let us know on our facebook page or twitter account.

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