How to Get Ufone Micro SIMs

How to Get Ufone Micro SIMs

How to Get Ufone Micro SIMs

Ufone brings Ufone micro SIMs for its prepaid as well as postpaid customers. This is the era of modern and next generation technology where Ufone stands at top to bring all innovative up to second solutions for its valuable customers. Ufone micro SIMs are meant to be used for iPhone, iPads and all those brands/ products that require micro SIMs

Difference in Ufone Usual Macro and Micro SIM:

  • Both are similar in capacity and function in the same manner.
  • The only difference is in the Chip size as Ufone micro SIM is smaller as compare to the standard Ufone SIM.

Method to Get Ufone Micro SIM:

  • Ufone micro SIMs are available at all Ufone service centers and franchises anywhere in Pakistan.
  • The price of a new Ufone micro SIM is just Rs. 100.
  • If you want to replace your existing standard Ufone SIM with Ufone micro SIM, the charges are just Rs. 75.
  • These charges are inclusive of tax.

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