How to Get Ufone Uth Pack SIM

How to Get Ufone Uth Pack SIM

How to Get Ufone Uth Pack SIM

Since when Ufone brought Ufone Uth Pack for its young and energetic customers, everybody asked us for the method of getting Ufone Uth Pack enabled SIM. Simspk brings the 3 simple methods to get Ufone Uth Pack SIM so as to enjoy the discounting and amazing Uth offers and packages by Ufone, then read the following passage. 3 methods for getting Ufone Uth pack compatible SIM are given below:

Method 1:

  • This method is all about ‘Port any number to Uth Pack”.
  • Notice that any number of any network can be port in to Ufone Uth Pack by this method.
  • Simply send SMS ‘MNP’ to 667.
  • A message will be received n your inbox. You are supposed to send that particular message in reply to 76333.
  • Within 2-3 days, you will receive your Ufone Uth pack SIM.
  • Your current SIM that you want to port to Ufone Uth pack network must be registered to your NIC and active for 2 months.

Method 2:

  • This method is meant for Ufone customers who want to convert to Uth Pack.
  • Simply dial *3555# from your Ufone SIM.
  • You will be converted to Uth pack package plan.

Method 3:

  • This method is for those willing customers who want to buy Uth pack SIM online.
  • Log into to easily book your Uth pack number online
  • You will soon get your Uth Pack SIM card.

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