How to Order Warid 4G LTE SIM Online In Pakistan

How to Order Warid 4G SIM Online In Pakistan

How to Order Warid 4G SIM Online In Pakistan

With the launch of Warid 4G LTE network, everyone in Pakistan is running behind to get a Warid 4G LTE SIM. Seriously, Warid is an advanced network that offers availability of Warid 4G LTE SIM at doorsteps. Warid has also offered Warid 4G LTE packages for its customers in Pakistan.

Please take a note that to get Warid 4G LTE Services, you must have LTE Enabled Warid SIM, Customer should not be using a usual old Warid SIM. Instead, customer should have the new Warid 4G SIM card to avail Warid 4G Services. Also, you should be in Warid 4G Coverage area and must have 4G Compatible Handset.

So if you want to get your Warid 4G LTE SIM online to get it at your home, then SimsPk brings it for you:

Method to Order Warid 4G LTE SIM Online:

  • Warid users to get 4G SIM Online can visit the link
  • Fill the form available at the above mentioned link address.
  • The information required to fill in the form includes user name, CNIC, address and an alternate number.
  • On the primary number of applicant, a code will be sent by Warid telecom which is compulsory to enter on the form to submit it.
  • After submission, your application for conversion of Warid SIM into 4G LTE SIM online will be accepted.
  • At your doorstep, Warid 4G LTE enabled SIM will be delivered.
  • Along with Warid 4G LTE SIM, user will also get Warid 4G tariff and bundle information.


  • For weekdays, Warid 4G SIM delivery charges are just 200.
  • For weekend, Warid 4G SIM delivery charges are just 250.

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