Mobile Phone Services will be Blocked On 23rd March – PTA

Mobile Phone Services will be Blocked On 23 March - PTA

Mobile Phone Services will be Blocked On 23 March - PTA

On the special occasion Pakistan Resolution Day, mobile phone services will remain blocked as said by PTA. According to our sources, SimsPK confirms that The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has announced to block mobile phone services on 23rh March, 2015. This Monday, March 23, 2015, the whole Pakistan nation will witness military parade in bursting magnificence after 7 year of gap with mobile phone service being blocked.

The suspension of mobile services is limited to Islamabad only, according to PTA by this time. During the joint press conference by Telecom operators and government which held recently in Islamabad, the announcement of blocking of mobile phone services on 23rd march is made.

The Chairman PTA, Dr. Imael Shah, explains the reason behind the suspension of mobile services and said, “We are just supposed to execute the orders to suspend the services, as susceptible and safety issues are involved.”

More than 81 million SIMs out of 103 million in total have been verified by the cellular operators as per the National Action Plan made by government. Let’s hope that the process of biometric verification of SIMs successfully wind up so that the suspension of mobile phone services in Pakistan could be minimized on specific public holidays or religious events.

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