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By February 6, 2015

Mobilink 3G One Paisa Offer- Enjoy 300MB in 1Paisa

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Mobilink 3G One Paisa Offer- Enjoy 300MB in 1Paisa

Mobilink introduces latest 3G bundle “Mobilink 3G One Paisa Bundle Offer” for all its 3G subscribers in Pakistan. With this affordable and fastest 3G bundle offer by Mobilink, all Jazz and Jazba customers who also have a Mobicash mobile account can enjoy using 300MBs of 3G mobile internet data in just Rs. 0.01. This offer is valid for a limited time only. So, join Mobilink network to have Mobicash mobile account and activate Mobilink 3G One Paisa Offer today!!!

The Head of MFS at Mobilink, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, said, “Mobilink One-Paisa data bundle is an exceptional offer which will empower our customers with Mobilink’s high speed internet as an advantage of registering for a Mobile wallet account. I am sure that our customers will get utmost gain from this astonishing offer and obtain their Mobicash Mobile wallet account registered.”

Customer Eligibility Criteria:

  • Mobilink 3G One Paisa Offer can be subscribed by those Mobilink users who are Mobicash Account holders as well.

How to Subscribe:

Mobicash Account users can simply visit to the link from their mobile phone to follow the given steps if a minimum balance of Rs. 0.01 is present in their account:

  • Select Mobilink 3G 1 paisa Internet Bundle offer.
  • Click on “Confirm”.
  • Enter your “MPIN” for the confirmation of transaction.
  • On the webpage, a notification message of successful subscription will appear.
  • You will also receive 2 messages; one for bundle subscription and the other one for payment confirmation.

Benefits Offered:

  • Mobilink prepaid Mobicash Mobile account holders can get 300 MBs of 3G internet for 3 days in Rs.0.01 i.e. 1 paisa.


  • Customers can avail this offer once every 3days.
  • Free 300 MBs internet will be valid for 3 days.

How to Check Offer Status:

  • Simply dial the string *117*10*2# to check the subscription status.

How to Open Mobilink Mobicash Mobile Account:

  • Mobicash mobile account enables Mobilink customers to avail lots of services including bill payment, transfer of money as well as countless other valuable services by using their mobile handsets.
  • To open a Mobicash mobile account so as to subscribe to this Mobilink 3G offer, Mobilink subscribers can visit nearest Mobilink Business Center or franchise as well as Waseela Bank Branch.
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