Mobilink Extends Collaboration With Teradata For Enhanced Customer Experience

Mobilink Extends Collaboration With Teradata
Mobilink Extends Collaboration With Teradata
Mobilink Extends Collaboration With Teradata

Today, Mobilink and Teradata announced that they are going to enhance their nearly decade old partnership by upgrading the refined data analytics capabilities in present IT infrastructure of Mobilink in order to speed up Mobilink’s evolution as a data-driven and customer-focused business.

Since 2005, Mobilink has been using Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse technology and services. With this extension in their partnership, Mobilink will surely enter a better stage of sophisticated analytics to present customer centric services to their users.

To continuously improve the technology for the benefits of Mobilink’s customers, the IT enhancements are the component of Mobilink’s approach. It is especially with regards to the expanding 3G telecommunications network in Pakistan.

The Commercial Officer with Mobilink, Bilal Munir Sheikh, said, “Mobilink believes in anticipating customer needs and innovating continuously to offer most excellent customer experience. Robust IT infrastructure plays an essential role in creating this experience and calls for matchless data analytics capabilities. Extension in our collaboration with Teradata will aid us carry on to improve our customers’ experience by exploitation of faster analytics across departments and achieving further significant insights into the swiftly changing customer needs”.

More than 38 million subscribers are served on the largest and most modern network of Pakistan i.e. Mobilink. Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited, (Mobilink), has more than 9000 cell sites. For the IT infrastructure of Mobilink, several enhancements are planned that include increasing the size of Mobilink data warehousing solution as well as addressing  Mobilink’s growing requirement for data analytics across departments.  Not only this, Mobilink will also augment the number of users on the system so as to facilitate more decision makers to run improved Advanced Analytics Models aimed at stemming customer churn.

The managing director, Teradata Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh, Khuram Rahat, said in explaining Teradata’s commitment to work with Mobilink, “All of the top 15 Communication Service Providers in the world use Teradata data warehousing and analytics solutions. In fact, by using Teradata solutions, one main provider increased close rates 200 percent by micro-targeting key customer segments with event-based marketing. We are optimistic that with this upgrade Mobilink will also attain such growth. Exploiting all available data has turn into a tactical essential for organizations to be flourishing. Mobilink’s business and IT leaders are influenced that Teradata’s products and Professional Services offer the top solution possible.”

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