Mobilink Increases the Prices of Its 3G Bundles

Mobilink Increases the Prices of Its 3G Bundles

Mobilink Increases the Prices of Its 3G Bundles

Mobilink Pakistan increases the prices of all of its 3G bundles and buckets as per the implementation of new tax of 19.5% by Punjab government. Recently, Mobilink sent a notification SMS to its customers all over Pakistan that states that it has increased the prices of Mobilink 3G bundles that will be affected from 24th July, 2015.

Check below the screenshot of Mobilink SMS regarding increase in its 3G bundles:



The increased prices of all Mobilink 3G bundles are listed below:

  • Default Base Rate: Rs. 21.51 per MB (Old Rate- Rs. 18 per MB)
  • Daily Lite Internet: Rs. 9.56 (Old Price- Rs. 8)
  • 3G Daily: Rs. 17.925 (Old Price- Rs. 15)
  • 3G Daily Super: Rs. 29.875 (Old price- Rs. 25)
  • 3G 3-Day: Rs. 41.825 (Old Price- Rs.35)
  • 3G Weekly: Rs. 71.7 (Old Price- Rs.60)
  • 3G Weekly Super: Rs. 119.5 (Old Price- Rs. 100)
  • 3G Monthly 2GB: Rs. 239 (Old Price- Rs. 200)
  • 3G Monthly 4500MB: Rs. 478 (Old Price- Rs. 400)
  • 3G Monthly 12000MB: Rs. 1195 (Old Price- Rs. 1,000)
  • 3G Hybrid Monthly: Rs. 478 (Old Price- Rs. 400)

The stakeholders are making their best to convince Punjab government for the reversal of tax on internet usage and if it can’t happen, then at least make a little bit decrease in the percentage that has been raised as tax. Within 3-4 days, it is expected that some final judgment will appear on the stage.

As per our source in Mobilink, all revised Mobilink 3G bundles are according to the notification that was passed on 28th May, 2015 about tax increment. It is also said that Mobilink will further notify its users if the government takes measures for the reversal of taxes on internet data usage. What is going to be the future of mobile internet data usage in Pakistan??? Do you think that it is an outcome of the decision of Punjab government for imposing tax on mobile data??? Share your thoughts with us on our FB Page.

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