Mobilink Re-Launches Its Brand – Becomes ‘Jazz’

Mobilink Re Launches Jazz

Mobilink Re Launches Jazz

Mobilink recently re-launched its former brand and become “Jazz” at very lavish inauguration ceremony. We already gave our readers the news that soon, Mobilink will re-launch its brand, Jazz. The wait is over as Mobilink Changes into Jazz. Everything related to Mobilink will now be branded and called as ‘Jazz’.

The COO and Deputy CEO at Mobilink, Mr. Aamir Ibrahim, commented on the launch and said,

This is the commencement of a gallant new era for us, our consumers, the industry and the country. The occasion is now right to re-introduce it as Mobilink looks towards the future. Spearheading a digital rebellion in the country through our innovative product & service offerings, we have made the verdict to make Jazz the face of the company’s digital voyage.


Mobilink has now transformed into Jazz, which is its corporate umbrella brand that has a new identity and novel logo in the telecom industry of Pakistan. Jazz is all about a wide diversity of telecom products, services and offers to Jazz prepaid and postpaid customer nationwide.

If we speak technically, the legal name of the telecom company will be “Mobilink” but all the services and products offered by Mobilink will be branded as “Jazz”, not Mobilink. Jazz has entered the telcos industry with a brand new slogan called “Duniya ko Bataa Do’” (Eng: ‘Let the world know’). Jazz comes with multiple touch points, including:

  1. Jazz Premium (for postpaid),
  2. JazzCash (for Mobile Financial Services,
  3. Jazz X (for Mobile phones),
  4. Jazz Service etc.

According to Mobilink, the company will now to become a digital company, rather than being merely a telecom operator and this is the purpose of launching jazz brand in Pakistan. Now, Mobilink aims to eventually empower every single Pakistani with this transformation.

As per now, jazz has not offered any new service, product or offer to its customers but it is announced that all Mobilink services will be sold as Jazz services from now on. However, it is expected that the newly re-launched brand will soon offer new plans and products for its subscribers.

the CMO at Mobilink, Mr. Asif Aziz, also shred his thoughts on the launch and said,

We would like to authorize our subscribers to go on to overpower their dreams by changing their own perceptions regarding what is probable by utilizing the surplus of digital services on offer by Jazz. – The products & services on offer by Mobilink will now come under Jazz’s umbrella with an alteration in name but improved quality and usability.

The Director Marketing at Mobilink, Mr. Shahbaz Maqsood Khan, also shred the words,

‘Duniya ko Bataa Do’ was chosen as Jazz’s motto in a proposal to position it as a stage offering numerous innovations to subscribers whereby they can showcase their factual prospective to the world. Jazz is will offer subscribers freedom of choice, digital empowerment and the control to do more with less.

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