PTA Sets Rs.200 Base Price For New SIMs Sale in Pakistan

PTA Sets Base Price of 200Rs of New SIMs in Pakistan

PTA Sets Base Price of 200Rs of New SIMs in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has set the base price for the sale of all new SIMs in Pakistan that is just Rs. 200. According to the confirmed news, base price of Rs. 200 only will be effective from 9th December, 2016 and it will be applied on the sales of SIM cards of all five telecom networks of Pakistan i.e. Warid, Mobilink, Zong, Ufone and Telenor.


A PTA spokesperson told SimsPK that PTA has made a legislation on all telecom operators in Pakistan that they will not be allowed to sell any of their SIM below the price of Rs.200. before making this legislation, telecom operators were free to sell their SIMs at any of their desirable price tag even we have seen that many of them used to sell SIMs for free with many of free resources just to get uncountable subscribers base.  It leads the customers to discard the SIMs more often resulting in the generation of a large proportion of dormant SIMs.

With the new guidelines of SIMs sales in Pakistan by PTA, Rs. 200 will have to be charged by all operators for each new SIM. It is also expected that operators will take the other initiative to compensate this directions by providing much bigger discounted resources on purchase of new SIMs. It is also worth enough to recall our readers that 3 Data SIMs and 5 Voice SIMs can be purchased on 1 CNIC as per Supreme Court Petition. Let’s see how many of the mobile network operators agree or oppose this decision. Stay connected with SimsPK for more debate and updates on this topic!

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