PTA Starts Biometric Verification of Data SIMs & BB Devices



Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started the biometric verification of data SIMs of all telecom operators along with WLL connections and devices. From 1st December 2015, Wireless Local Loop (WLL) operators have already launched Biometric Verification System (BVS) for the issuance of WLL connections at their Customer Service Centers (CSC). We have already let our readers know about PTCL Announcement of Biometric Verification of EVO, Nitro Devices before 31st Dec.


  • During the first phase of biometric verification of WLL connections, all 4 WLL operators of Pakistan namely PTCL, Wi-tribe, Qubee and Wateen deployed the new BVS system at their CSCs before 30th November 2015.
  • From now on, all WLL connections like Vfone, EVO, Wingle, wireless dongles, etc will be provided to the customers after the proper biometric verification of the subscriber for the provision of broadband service.
  • During the second phase of biometric verification of WLL connections, BVS shall be deployed at all Franchisees and Retailers of WLL operators by the end of 31st December 2015.
  • Those WLL connections and devices that have been issued to the customers before the launch of BVS system for devices shall be done before 20th February, 2016 and it will be counted as the third and the final phase of this project.

Do you think that this step by PTA will further contribute to a better and safer Pakistan by ensuring the authentication of the WLL connection user??? Share your thoughts through the comments below!

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