PTCL Announces 3rd Voluntary Separation Package VSS Scheme

PTCL Announces 3rd Voluntary Separation Package VSS Scheme

PTCL Announces 3rd Voluntary Separation Package VSS Scheme

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) proudly introduces an innovative scheme for its employees with the name “PTCL Voluntary Separation Package”. This scheme will be effective from 5th November 2014 and shall be available for 1 month period.

According to PTCL, the current VSS scheme is voluntary and extremely gratifying. Not only this, a wide range of benefits will be provided to PTCL workers that mainly include transition bonus, allowance benefits, leave encashment, transition pay, health fund and much more worthy.

Different choices have been offered as a component of retirement benefits. These benefits will simply allow PTCL employees to choose the option which is best suited to their future ambitions. In case of eligible pensioners, supplementary benefit of 2 years has also been added in addition to the decreasing retirement age from 20 to 18 years. Plus, fulfilling the obligatory conditions, employees are topped up with Group Bonus (Rs. 150,000) and Early Bird Bonus (Rs. 200,000).

The Chief Human Resource Officer PTCL, Syed Mazhar Hussain, shared the words and said, “This Voluntary scheme offered by PTCL is extremely people centric. Being a liable company, we always think about our employees’ welfare, the first and primary main concern. The scheme is particularly designed for the people, aspiring to shape their future while taking advantages from numerous benefits offered by PTCL Company. We expect that this scheme shall shape the future of PTCL and its people in the superlative possible way.”

According to PTCL, outplacement services are also being provided to its workers. With the assist of external sourcing companies, employees will be aided in their evolution to new career by these services. The optees will also be provided to Financial Advisory Services that will help them to manage their bash in a better way by means of external financial institutes. Apart from all these advantages, PTCL will also arrange Vocational Trainings for its workers on its own expense. This will surely help them to manage their coming future n an efficient and effective approach.

The following pay groups of PTCL employees will be offered by VSS:

  • Regular (BPS) Pay Scale
  • NCPG Group

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