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By December 24, 2014

PTCL Brings 2Mbps DSL Broadband Speed in 1Mbps Price

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PTCL Brings 2Mbps DSL Broadband Speed in 1Mbps Price

PTCL brings a superb offer for all of its PTCL DSL 2Mbps broadband customers in Pakistan. Those PTCL customers who are using 1Mbps package now can enjoy the double speed i.e. 2Mbps broadband speed on the same price of 1Mbps package. It means pay for PTCL 1Mbps broadband and enjoy the DSL speeds of 2Mbps broadband package.

Enjoy the double speeds of PTCL broadband i.e. just Rs. 1250 on monthly basis. The validity is of 3 months i.e. 31st March 2015. The best thing of this offer is that it can be availed by both new and existing PTCL DSL customers. Moreover, customers can also continue enjoying 2Mbps DSL speeds even after 31st March 2015 if they pay additional Rs. 1,549 per month. If they don’t want to continue then can switch back to 1Mbps speeds by paying the usual billing amount i.e. Rs. 1,250 per month or by dialing 1236.

Promotion Details:

  • 1,250 per month is the charges of 2Mbps Broadband promotion.
  • All new and existing 1Mbps customers will automatically be upgraded to 2Mbps speed.
  • After validity of 3 months i.e. till 31st March 2015, Rs 1,549 will be charged for 2Mbps speed.
  • Before validity i.e. till 31st March 2015, extra charging fee will not be deducted.
  • Those customers who don’t want to continue with 2Mbps can revert back to 1Mbps speed by calling PTCL helpline 1236.
  • Dial 0800 80 800 for further details of PTCL 2Mbps broadband.
  • New PTCL users can avail Smart Spot PTCL Wi-Fi modem in just Rs. 1500.
  • The promotion offer is valid for 3 months i.e. till 31st March 2015.
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