PTCL brings new Summer Promo 2014 offer



Pakistan telecommunication Limited (PTCL) offers an exciting package “Summer Promo 2014 Offer” for its new customers. By subscribing to this electrifying package, PTCL SmartSpot can be used up or only PTCL services can be availed. Multiple devices connectivity and unmatchable convenience through Wi-Fi is given by PTCL SmartSpot.

How To Subscribe:

You just need to order your new connection of SmartSpot in which both Wi-Fi and PTCL are included or just offer new PTCL connection.

Time Period To Avail This Offer:

You have to order for new connection for this promotion between 1st of June 2014 till 31st of August 2014 to get advantage from PTCL summer promo 2014 offer.


The most exciting feature of PTCL summer promo 2014 offer is that if 1 Mbps connection is ordered then 2MBps in the same price as of 1 Mbps in SmartSpot will be offered to you by PTCL. Similarly, if 2 Mbps is ordered then you will get 4 Mbps. It means that this offer can provide you with double promotion in response. Not only this, for only Rs. 250 with no additional charges, you can make unlimited calls from PTCL to PTCL.


If you only want to avail PTCL services, the monthly charges for PTCL summer promo 2014 offer are just Rs. 250. Broadband charges will be according to your respective package plan.

Other Features:

There is unlimited downloading limit for internet in this offer. Plus, 24 hour Helpline & SMS Complaint system is also provided.

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