PTCL brings offer to re-activate PSTN and Broadband services


PTCL brings 50% discount offer to its valued customers to re-activate PSTN and Broadband services.

PTCL presents a ground-breaking new exciting promotion to electrify their users experience who were using PSTN services and then presently have turned off the PSTN and broadband services. By this wonderful offer, PTCL is providing an opportunity to have unlimited on-net calls as well as expenses clearances up to 50 %. Not only this, there are not any restoration charges in any way.

  • Details:

This offer can be utilized only by those PTCL customers who have switched off their PSTN and broadband connectivity from the dates mentioned below:

–          If you shut your connection before 31st Dec 2013, you will get 50% promotion.

–          If you shut your connection after 31st December 2013 and on, before 31st March 2014, you will get 40% discount. For example, if you closed your connection after 31st March 2014 then you will have up to 30% price reduction.

–          All customers who have disconnected their PTCL Landline or Broadband connections before 31st of May 2014, either voluntarily or as a result of non-payment of PTCL bills in the past, they will be qualified to apply for this offer.

The awesome thing about PTCL’s reactivate PSTN and broadband services offer is that there is a opportunity to make unlimited on-net calls for only Rs. 250/month till the end of 2014 year for single pay of PSTN. If you pay money for both Broadband as well as PSTN reconnect, then you can make limitless free on-net calls till the ending of the entire year.

Not only this, You will obtain 50% discount on broadband internet monthly charges for 1 Mbps and all of the above regular packages till the end of 2014 and 50% discount on exceptional Amount (Complete PTCL defaulted Amount) subject to in advance payment by PTCL customer.

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