PTCL Designer Telephone Sets


PTCL is always keen for providing the best service to the customers for ages and the PTCL landline still continues to be the basic selection for voice call for decades. PTCL now brings the designer telephone sets providing the latest technology and great innovation into retro designs. The cordless are rotary inspired and Corded Telephone sets are equipped with completely amazing features.

Now PTCL brings the telephone designer sets with great technology and design. These landline sets are equipped with great features that are important in this technology era. PTCL is even focused on the innovation and latest technology with elegance and style.

Designer phones

  • The designer phone sets are readily available at the chosen one stop shops.
  • Call 1236 for detailed information or Download OSS list.
  • 1-year complete warranty protected telephone sets

These cordless telephones are accessible in two distinct versions:

  • IDECT Carrere Combo
  • V-Tech Retro

These handsets can be available easily from all the PTCL centers whereas a one year warranty has been put on all the handsets in the case of any sort of trouble.

V-Tech Retro

  • This has been designed with the intention of the formations of a cordless.
  • It possesses a battery system with a digital keypad even.
  • It even offers a book directory that store more than 50 names and their contacts even.
  • It also makes use of the answering machine for calls that are on waiting
  • The charges per unit for V-Retro are Rs.8, 500.
  • This phone has been with the equipped with the phone directory that has the capacity of holding 100 names or more and also their contact numbers.
  • It also provides 10 ringtones and even caller tunes.
  • Moreover, IDECT Carrere Combo consists of Call Log, Caller ID, Call Transfer, Conference call and call divert as well.
  • It also gets well with the alarms accessibility, ring volume control and speaker as well. .
  • The battery of this phone has a tendency to stay for a maximum of 13 hours in accordance with the talk time.
  • The answering machine of this phone has the capacity to record up to 30 minutes.
  • The per unit charge for this machine is Rs.9,000.

IDECT Carrera Combo

These are the newest PTCL designer telephone sets that are ready to take on the market with a bang. These phones are a great example of a modern technology incorporated with great style and elegance. If you want a stylish phone for your house or office, then it is a great choice as it will compliment your office or house to the fullest. Having such phones show the status symbol and class you have. They go well with all sorts of furniture and color themes.

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