PTCL Double Up Unlimited Package


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is the leading telephone landline service provider in Pakistan. It offers its subscribers, a flawless service in providing an affordable telephone provision, a reliable DSL broadband internet connection and an interactive Smart TV facility. PTCL has employed a number of skilled, intelligent and competent workers who ensure that no complaints by the clients remain unanswered.

Over many years, PTCL has introduced several packages to provide its customers with excellent services at extremely low rates. The bundles cover telephone calls, broadband internet as well as the Smart TV provision. One such type of package is PTCL Double up Unlimited Package. The main aim of this package is to offer discounted call rates and internet tariff and the main target of this package are the Triple play consumers.

The PTCL Freedom Unlimited Package is also a good option for making cheap PTCL to PTCL and PTCL to Vfone calls but it has one disadvantage; it does not pay any attention to decreasing the prices of PTCL to cell phone calls. But the PTCL Double up Unlimited package does the trick here. This package offers its subscribers low PTCL to mobile phone network call charges which stand at just Rs 1.25 per minute.

Besides providing low rate PTCL to cell phone call rates, this bundle also offers unlimited downloads through its Broadband internet. The total cost of this package depends on the speed of consumer’s internet connection. For 1 MB, 2 MB, 4 MB Broadband internet connection, PTCL charges Rs 1999, Rs 2999 and Rs 5999 respectively which prove to be a very good deal. These rates mean that a subscriber who already has a 1 MB internet connection only needs to spend Rs 799 more to get the PTCL Double up Unlimited Package.

On introducing this service, Managing Director of PTCL, Mr. Naveed Saeed said, “This bundle focuses on our exceptional position as the only service having deep roots throughout the country. This package shows our commitment to serve our valued subscribers honestly and our intentions of carrying on the good work of providing them with the best service in the coming years.”

To avail this package, a person should have a vivid idea of the difference between Single Play customers, Double Play customers and Triple Play customers. Single Play subscribers are those having only the facility of PTCL telephone service. Double Play customers cover those PTCL clients who have a PTCL landline telephone connection as well as a PTCL DSL broadband connection. And lastly, Triple Play customers are those who have the facility of a telephone line, a broadband internet connection and a PTCL interactive Smart TV commodity.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is well aware of the importance of providing the people with a strong communication service by the help of which they can call anywhere in the world at minimal rates, extract information from any website at any given moment in time and switch to a wide range of TV channels to stay up to date with current events which are taking place around the world.

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