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PTCL is one such organization in Pakistan that never faced a loss, and especially after privatization, it is growing with prosperity. It has one of the widest Copper infrastructures and covers around million installed lines from almost every city.

Gone are the days when PTCL landline lacked package services – there was differentiation and one would get mainstream facility. However, now you can avail different types of services based on your needs. PTCL has drafted various effective landline packages and that you can know here –

1: Mobile Bucket Package

The aim of the organization is to make sure that customers get whatever they want. Therefore, they provide value in terms of best call quality and tariffs. You can easily make calls to mobile numbers without thinking about the charges involved. It offers Mobile Bucket Packages for this purpose – details include:

  • Mobile Bucket 1:
    It was launched on December 10 and provides 200 mobile minutes for Rs. 250 per month
  • Mobile Bucket 2:
    It provides 400 mobile minutes for Rs 500 per month

2: International Packages (Western Express & Eastern Connection)

PTCL is trying hard to provide better services and maximum convenience to its valuable customers. These days making and international call is as easy as it is a normal call. To your surprise, the rates are Rs.0.99 per minute. You certainly cannot ask for more. Now you do not have to think before dialing a call to your loved ones, who are waiting overseas. PTCL values emotions.

The package details are as follow:

Western Express:

  • The Package charges are Rs. 299
  • You can avail Free 300 minutes
  • Also, free minutes are offered to some fixed networks like Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Norway, and Australia. Also, this can be availed for fixed and mobile networks of Canada and US.

Eastern Connection:

  • Package charges: Rs. 299
  • Free minutes: 300 minutes
  • Also, free minutes are offered to some fixed networks for Malaysia and South Korea; fixed and mobile networks of China and Hong Kong.

3: Super Sunday Offer

It is one hell of an exciting offer for all – Super Sunday offer provides all existing and new PTCL customers with a bunch of unlimited free calls from PTCL Landlines to other PTCL Network (Landline and Vfone), and that even for 24hrs, every Sunday.

You won’t be charged anything as part of the package; however, for upgrading the overall system, the line rent has been increased from Rs 174 per month to Rs 199 per month. It does not include the tax amount, but even than it is way valuable option that what telecom companies do offer. Now you can have longer chit chat sessions with all your friends and family members who have PTCL landlines. Within affordable rates and best call quality, you can enjoy your heart pouring out conversations. Certainly PTCL knows what you want in terms of close relationships!

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  1. I want a fixed monthly bill of my telephone line (021-34658065) which has DSL facility also.I am using my landline telephone facility mostly for local calls hence if I can limit the cost of my local calls it will serve my purpose. Please advise.

    With thanks and regards.


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