PTCL Launches 36Mbps ‘CharJi’ (4G) EVO Service

PTCL Launches 36Mbps ‘CharJi’ (4G) EVO Service

PTCL Launches 36Mbps ‘CharJi’ (4G) EVO Service

At prompt speeds, technology is evolving in the present era. This effect can be seen in every field. With the evolution of technology, the needs of customers are also increasing day by day and they are seeking for data even more.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has tried the best to bridge this gap by launching the next generation wireless broadband “EVO CharJi” that offers speeds upto 36 mbps. PTCL introduces 36 mbps EVO CharJi service for all its next generation wireless broadband customers.

PTCL’s CharJi (4G) EVO is basically a Dongle supported product which is capable to enable all devices with internet speed up to 36Mbps in major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The coverage areas of PTCL EVO CharJi are going to increase with time beyond any doubt.

PTCL has brought Pakistan amongst the few countries of the world where such high-speed broadband connectivity is available. It has made possible with the introduction of next generation wireless broadband PTCL EVO CharJi having speeds of 36 mbps.

Early testers of PTCL EVO CharJi speeds confirmed simspk that at around 20-25Mbps, they were able to download files from internet and browse internet but it is the story when there was zero or the minimum load on this network. According to PTCL, Chaar Ji is expected to offer wireless broadband internet to end-users at approximately 10-20Mbps with standard load on the network.

According to PTCL, Chaar Ji devices are backward compatible. It means that in those areas where the coverage of PTCL EVO CharJi is not available your device will flawlessly transition to Rev.A and Rev.B networks to present 9.3 Mbps speeds or else to 3.1 Mbps speeds. On MiFi Clouds, PTCL’s Chaar Ji will support up to 10 Simultaneous connections.

5 thoughts on “PTCL Launches 36Mbps ‘CharJi’ (4G) EVO Service

  1. sb bkwas ptcl abi tk 3g evo ko nhi chla ska 3g k rate mein 2g speed de rha hai to kia 4g khaak chlaega sb dhoka aur fraud hai.

  2. PTCL deceiving Pakistanis , poor coverage everywhere , they are just making money by deceiving , u can’t even watch the match without interrupt , can’t run videos ,
    PTCL should be banned in Pakistan as they are failed to meet the standard of services

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