PTCL Mobile Bucket Package


PTCL has its core values to provide excellent customer service and it does by offering great customer services to their customers without any interruption or delay. Their customer service is acknowledged all around Pakistan and with that you get the best of the best customer service that provides you the uninterrupted connectivity and provides you with the flawless network.

PTCL has always been aiming on customer satisfaction and value to the consumers in kinds of tariff and finest voice quality all around Pakistan. Being the largest PSTN service provider, the company now provides packages enabling the customers to call from their fixed landline to the mobile in accordance to their needs. In the atmosphere of a extremely competitive telecom industry, PTCL now provides mobile bucket packages in which the customer will be allowed to make calls from their fixed land line to any mobile network in Pakistan and that even at a discounted rate.

The mobile buckets are provided as follows:

  • Mobile bucket 1 for Rs.250 in which you get 200 fixed to mobile minutes every month. You can call for around 200 minutes for the charges of only Rs.250 per month and it makes it easy for you if you do not call much on mobile phones and only need it is needed.
  • Mobile bucket 2 for Rs.500 in which you get 400 fixed to mobile minutes every month. This package is great for the ones who love talking to their relatives on their mobile phones. With just Rs.500 per month, you get 400 minutes and these are ample amount of minutes that you can utilize in the month.
  • Mobile bucket 3 for Rs.1000 in which you get 850 fixed to mobile minutes every month.

The advantages of the PTCL mobile bucket package are countless and the customers benefit certainly a lot from these buckets. Like always, PTCL has been providing the customers with the finest service possible and with the PTCL mobile bucket packages; it has yet again proven to be the best telecom company in Pakistan. The advantages provided by the packages are as follows:

  • There is a better connectivity all over
  • Freedom of talking according to your need to any network to Pakistan
  • Connectivity is at the peak with the mobile bucket package
  • High quality PTCL service
  • Better rates and the customized packages make it possible for everyone to call from landline to mobile and that even at the cheapest possible rates.
  • The network is always quicker and uninterrupted
  • The calls connect within seconds
  • Discounted rates are availed
  • Uninterrupted service and great customer support
  • Great service along with a better connectivity
  • 24/7 helpline where you can call anytime and inquire about the packages

Apart from the PTCL mobile buckets, PTCL even provides great

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