PTCL Quad Play Unlimited Package

PTCL Quad Play Unlimited Package

PTCL has been offering different kind of amazing packages for their customers that have made it one of the most popular companies. People have been making use of the PTCL packages from always because it offers the best calling and internet packages for their customers at affordable prices. Some packages are also offered at cheap rates that actually makes PTCL simply amazing. PTCL have been offering a bundle packages for their home users against the fixed monthly rentals. One of the best packages that have been introduced recently is the PTCL Quad Play Unlimited Package. With the Quad play unlimited package, PTCL offers unlimited on – net local as well as NWD calls for their users along with the PTCL’s broadband, Smart TV and I sentry services against the fixed monthly charges of Rs 2499/ month only. With the PTCL Quad Play Unlimited Package for the Smart TV, people can enjoy the following services:

  • Rewinding and pausing of the TV channels. This means that the users can enjoy different programs on their broadband any time they want. They can enjoy the multiple programs by the facilities of pausing and rewinding the programs according to their moods and desires. They can watch the missed portion of their favorite programs any time they want with the great services of the PTCL Quad Play Unlimited Package.
  • The users can also enjoy the Video on demand that includes more than 500 movies of the choice of the users.

The PTCL Quad Play Unlimited Packagealso offers the home surveillance cameras for the people and these cameras come with the following multiple features:

  • SMS, video and the voice alerts incase of any kind of intrusion at the homes of the users.
  • Remote live viewing of the home of the computers or on the mobile phones.
  • Recording as well as the storage of the camera surveillance that the users can retrieve any time they want.

The services of the Quad play are bundled with the unlimited on – net voice calls, unlimited data transfer services and the Smart TV services as well. The PTCL Quad Play Unlimited Package actually starts with the price that is as low as Rs 2499 per month. The services of the PTCL Quad play are installed at the premises of the customers within the 10 days from the day the order is placed by the users. The packages that are offered by the PTCL Quad Play Unlimited Packages are:

  • 1MB Quad Play without the feature of recording for Rs 2499 only.
  • 1MB Quad Play with the recording feature for Rs 2699 only.

The one time equipment charges for the Smart TV STB and camera is Rs 22000 that the users can give in the installments of Rs 1050 for 24 months. The services of PTCL Quad Play Unlimited Package is currently available in three cities that include Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. PTCL has been working to expand its services and it is expected that the services of PTCL will be available in other cities as well.

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