PTCL Rewarding their Old Customers

PTCL_Rewarding_their_Old_CustomersInitiated a customer loyalty program has been initiated by Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) that will recognize the most loyal customers of the company. PTCL loyalty program will reward and appreciate all those customers who have been using PTCL for more than 30 years.

PTCL customers who have been associated with PTCL and using the PTCL’s services for more than 30 years, a ceremony was held here in Islamabad. Life Time Relationship awards were presented to the customers.

To appreciate long term loyalty of these customers with PTCL, the company has also provided 1 Year complimentary usage of Broadband services and 1 year complimentary usage of Smart TV services. In all the telecom regions of PTCL, The loyalty program by PTCL will also be held.

Jamil Khawaja, Chief Customer Care Officer (CCCO) PTCL, said’ “Our customers are the center of our business and we always attempt to discover innovative ways to reward them. Through this loyalty program, PTCL expresses its appreciation for the faith that customers have placed on the PTCL services”.

The ceremony was attended by Jamil Khawaja Chief Customer Care Officer (CCCO) PTCL; Shahid Mahmood, Executive Vice President (EVP) North PTCL; Naeem Siddiqui, GM Customer Care, PTCL  and Nadeem Awan, RGM Islamabad Telecom Region along with further officials of PTCL and appreciated PTCL customers.

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