PTCL SmartLink App for Making & Receiving Landline Calls through WiFi

PTCL Smartlink App

PTCL Smartlink App

PTCL introduces a new Android app for its customers with the name “PTCL SmartLink App”. This PTCL app is exclusively available for those subscribers who are using PTCL Broadband DSL services. PTCL SmartLink App simply makes the use of WiFi connection to make and receive calls via smartphones. Furthermore, landline calls can also be forwarded to the smartphones by means of PTCL SmartLink App. Not only this, PTCL SmartLink App also sends instant messages as well as video calls to other PTCL SmartLink App users.

PTCL SmartLink App enables you not to miss any landline call. Even if you are out of balance then activate the SmartLink up. In this way, you can make calls via your landline. There are certain other features of PTCL SmartLink App that mainly include 150 channels that can be watch up easily. These 150 channels are available through the PTCL Smart TV service plus PIA flight inquiries.

PTCL also confirmed simspk that PTCL’s SmartLink app is limited to be use in Pakistan only. So if anyone tries to use the app anywhere in abroad, won’t be able to use the service. PTCL’s SmartLink app is in beta which means that just 1 subscription is allowed on a smartphone. Just 1 instance is possible. However, for multiple instances i.e. multiple users logging on from same login but different smartphones is possible after the launch.

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How to Use PTCL SmartLink App:

  • If you want to avail SmartLink  App services, then simply download it from the given below link:
  • Click “Register”.
  • Fill up the registration form. The information to be filled includes details about your PTCL connection, Name, CNIC, Account ID, email and Cell number.
  • After the verification of credentials, SmartLink App will be registered.
  • After registration, SmartLink App services will be activated for you.
  • PTCL also calls the subscriber within 24 hours to validate regarding the subscription.
  • Subscriber can also make call at 1236 to go ahead.

Details of PTCL SmartLink App:

  • A PTCL Landline number is needed by the subscriber so as he/she could register PTCL Smart app.
  • The landline number should be registered in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad or Peshawar.
  • After registration, landline calls can be made anywhere in Pakistan from PTCL Smart app.
  • Calls can also be received for the registered PTCL number directly on PTCL app. You just need to forward your landline number to the app.
  • The Smart app can be used on any non-PTCL WiFi.
  •  App-to-Landline calls will be charged as per the standard landline tariff.
  • Landline-to-app calls are free of charges. Call forwarding should be enabled on the landline number as you have to forward calls to PTCL smart app.
  • App-to-app voice/video calls and SMS are absolutely free
  • You can also watch 150 Live TV Channels with PTCL SmartLink App. For this purpose, smart TV subscription is required.
  • PTCL Smart App will also work with 3G network.
  • PTCL Smart app is currently available for Android phones platform only.

Features of PTCL SmartLink App:

  • Updated:  24th of October, 2014
  • Size:  21M
  • Current Version:  1.0
  • Requires Android:  2.2 and up
  • Offered By:  PTCL Developers
  • Developed by:

Availability of PTCL SmartLink App:

At present, PTCL SmartLink App is available in 6 major cities of Pakistan namely:

  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Faisalabad
  • Peshawar

In near future, more cities are expected to be adding up in the above list of service availability.

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Service Charges of PTCL SmartLink App:

  • This app is absolutely free to be use.
  • Furthermore, SmartLink service doesn’t have any subscription charges.

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