Send recharge to your friends from abroad with Ufone

Ufone International Recharge

Ufone International Recharge

Ufone brings an exciting offer for its dear customers with which they can send recharge to their loved ones while sitting abroad from selected outlets, websites, Kiosk, ATM and with mobile phones. Yes, now you can send recharge and share balance to your Ufone prepaid friends and family members if you are even in abroad.

With this incredible Ufone recharge offer from abroad, Ufone has partner shipped with Ezetop, MoreMagic and Transfer-To (Fixed & Mobile), Prepay Nation, Tranglo and SwissClear Global. So those Pakistanis, who are either living or roaming abroad, can easily send credit to Ufone customers in Pakistan simply by visiting their websites or by going to any retail shop. As a promotional plan, Ufone is also offering 300% bonus airtime with every recharge if you use ezetop to recharge your Ufone account from 29th June till 28th July 2014.

How To Recharge The Ufone Friends From Abroad?

A friend or family member can recharge your balance from abroad in 4 different methods:

  1. Via Phone to Phone
  2. Online
  3. Through a retail store
  4. By self-service Kiosk

The details of each method to send recharge from abroad on Ufone network are given below:

Phone To Phone:

Only through Transfer-To, this Phone to Phone service is at present available. STC (SAWA) Subscribers in Saudi Arabia can send credit to their friends & family to any Ufone number in Pakistan. For this purpose, simply send sms ‘133’ to 801500 then enter the mobile number to which you want to share credit and then the amount reference which can be 1, 2 or 3 tabled under.

The Available Top-up Recharges are as below:

International Prepaid Recharge


Now, you can recharge Ufone credit from anywhere around the globe simply by visiting the websites mentioned below. To activate your account, you need to register yourself online and follow the further procedures.
– offered by Tranglo.
– for Ezetop.
– offered by MoreMagic.
– For ValuePlus.


In this method, Ufone customer just needs to go to Transfer-To, ezetop, MoreMagicor Prepay Nation’s retail branch in assigned countries to send credit to Pakistan. In these retail stores, he will be told the equivalent of the currency being handed over in Pakistani rupees. In this way, credit will be transferred into the account in Pakistan immediately. With ValuePlus, service is delivered through more than 2000 retailers across the globe.

Self-Service Kiosk:

This recharge service from abroad to Pakistan is available in Singapore with Swissclear Global.

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