Telenor Brings 3G Dongles With Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles

Telenor Brings 3G Dongles With Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles

Telenor Brings 3G Dongles With Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles

Telenor presents the availability of Telenor 3G Dongles with daily, monthly and weekly internet bundles to provide high-speed wireless internet to all Telenor customers.

Flexibility, assurance of no hidden charges as well as the value of money is provided by 3G enabled Telenor USB Dongles. It ensures that no extra taxes will be deducted on USB dongles by Telenor. The rates will purely be of the advertised tariff.

Telenor daily, 3 Day, weekly, monthly and monthly plus 3G bundles are provided in these USB dongles. At all service centers of Telenor, Telenor’s 3G enabled USB dongles are available. After biometric verification of the thumb impressions, Telenor customers can avail these USB dongles by Telenor.

On the purchase of Telenor’s USB dongle, customers can avail 1500 MB free internet for three months (500 MB for each month) absolutely free. The price of Telenor USB dongle is just Rs.2500.

Data Bundles for Telenor USB Dongle:

Bundles Rupees Volume (8AM – 1AM) Volume (1AM – 8AM) Validity in Days
Daily Rs. 25 100 MB unlimited* 1
3 Day Rs.35 200 MB unlimited* 3
Weekly Rs.75 500 MB unlimited* 7
15 Day Rs. 150 1 GB unlimited* 15
Monthly Rs. 400 3 GB unlimited* 30
Monthly Plus Rs. 1,000 8 GB unlimited* 30

How To Activate:

–          Fair usage policy of 500 MB per day applies during 1AM to 8AM.
–          Simply Send “SUB” to “6004″ for the selection of the desired bundle from the received SMS Menu.

Terms And Conditions:

–          To get data services on Telenor dongle, the requirement of registration of a data SIM is necessary through a biometric kiosk.
–          As 500 MB* / Month for consecutive 3 months, free 1500 MB of internet data will be given.
–          From 1AM to 8AM, free internet usage is allowed.
–          For the above mentioned time period, 500 MB daily will be given.
–          Data SIM will seamlessly shift to 2G internet if the customer is not in the Telenor 3G enabled areas.

How To Operate Telenor USB Dongle:

To do any of the following, put the Data SIM in your 3G enabled phone or simply use the dongle software:
–          Write “BAL” and send message to “6001” if you want to know about your current balance.
–          To recharge the Data sim, either write the 14 digit code of scratch card and send it to “6002” or simply get easyload on your number.
–          Write “VOL” and send message to “6003”to know the availability of current volume of internet bundle.
–          Write “SUB” and send message to “6004”, for the subscription of Telenor 3G bundles. From the received menu of sms, the desired internet bundle can be selected.

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