Telenor Brings 5 GB Day Time 3G Internet Bundle

Telenor Brings 5 GB Day-Time 3G Internet Bundle

Telenor Brings 5 GB Day-Time 3G Internet Bundle

Telenor Pakistan brings Telenor Unlimited Internet Bundle for all new, existing and MNP Telenor 2G as well as 3G customers. Telenor Unlimited Internet Bundle for 2G and 3G users enables them to use Telenor 3G internet in just Rs. 8. The good news is that Telenor Unlimited Internet Bundle brings up to 5000 MBs of mobile internet data for the subscribers. Telenor Daytime Internet Bundle has proved its promo slogan that THAK JAO GE PAR KHATAM NAHI KAR PAOGE!!!

The point that should be noted about Telenor Unlimited Internet Bundle is that it is available for 12 hours of a day i.e. between 5AM to 5PM only. In the rest of the hours, Telenor unlimited 3G internet bundle is not valid. Further details of Telenor unlimited internet bundle of 5 GBs in just Rs. 8 per day is given below:

How to Subscribe:

  • Simply dial *345*139# for the subscription.


  • Subscription charges are just Rs. 8 per day.

Offer Details:

  • 5GB i.e. 5,000 MBs of 3G mobile internet is offered.


  • The bundle is valid for 1 day with the validity window of 5AM to 5PM.
  • The bundle is not valid from 5PM to 5AM.

Terms and Conditions:

  • 10 Paisa (incl. tax) / 10 KB are the default charges of using internet if the user does not subscribe to any Telenor internet bundle.
  • Telenor internet bundles are free of taxes.
  • Usage of internet will absolutely be free if Rs 50 per day is charged as the default rate.
  • 3G bundles will work both on 2G and 3G mobile internet consumption.
  • 2G bundles will not work on Telenor 3G mobile internet consumption.

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