Telenor In-Flight Roaming Service

Telenor In-Flight Roaming Service

Telenor In-Flight Roaming Service

Telenor Pakistan presents a special In-flight mobile phone services onboard International flights in collaboration with AeroMobile exclusively on Emirates Airline. Now Telenor customers can securely use their handset for making calls and sending SMS anywhere just as they use on ground with the help of AeroMobile complete global coverage.

At present, this service is offered on more than 45 Aircrafts. In addition to this, Aero Mobile will soon initiate its services with Turkish Airlines and Qantas Airlines.

How It Works:

  • When the aircraft arrives at the cruise altitude as instructed by the cabin crew, switch ON your handset.
  • From the AeroMobile system, an SMS will be sent to the handset of every passenger instructing passengers to turn their mobiles on silent profile.
  • As an international roaming call, services will be charged directly to the mobile account of the user.


  • Telenor customers can make calls and send SMS during flight as well.
  • To avail this service, no additional settings are required.
  • Caller ID will also work as normal.
  • While in flight, the user can safely use his own mobile phone and address book.


  • On your subscription, international roaming must be activated.
  • During landing or take off, this service does not work.
  • In Pakistan Rupees, IR bill will be generated.
  • On the information provided by the network partner, all prices are offered.
  • Without any prior notice, prices can be subjected to any change.
  • Prices are analytic and are subjected to foreign exchange variation.

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