Telenor Increases Call Setup Charges from 12 to 15 Paisas

Telenor Increases Call Setup Charges

Telenor Increases Call Setup Charges

Telenor has increased call setup charges from 12 paisas to 15 paisas. More users’ knowledge, call setup charges are a type of fee that they have to pay for making a regular voice call to any network number. As per the latest notification published on official website of Telenor, the new call setup charges on Telenor’s network for each call will be 15 Paisas (including tax) and it will be paid be Telenor new, existing and MNP  prepaid customers from now onwards on making calls.


  • Call setup charges were initially introduced in 2013 by networks in Pakistan to charge their customers with factually unlimited voice bundles. Later on, customers filed complaints to PTA for removal of call setup charges but telecom companies dint listen to PTA saying that PTA is not responsible for regulation of prices. To avoid such situation in future, PTA introduced a new regulation which says that PTA has got more control on pricing issues of telecom industry too.


  • Call setup charge does not depend on the duration of a voice call made, rather it is a type of charges that a user pays for one-time for making any voice call.
  • Earlier on Telenor’s network, call setup charges were 10 paisas plus tax i.e. 12 paisas including taxes. Now it has been increased to 15 Paisas (including tax).
  • Currently, call setup charges have only been increased on Telenor network. It is also expected that in few days, other networks in Pakistan will also follow this trend by Telenor to avoid any actions from CCP.

Let’s see if PTA takes any action against this increment in call setup charges introduced by Telenor network or not. Stay connected with SimsPK for latest updates!

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