Telenor Maritime Roaming Service

Telenor Maritime Roaming Service

Telenor Maritime Roaming Service

Telenor Pakistan proudly presents cellular service aboard cruise ships in collaboration with Maritime Communications Partner (MCP). As we already know that Maritime Communications Partner (MCP) is the world’s first provider of maritime cellular communications technology (CellAtSea™). Therefore, it is well judged that Telenor Pakistan is fulfilling its commitment of bringing best cellular services in Pakistan and on roaming.


By linking the ship’s radio network to public networks via satellite, Cell phone coverage onboard ships is achieved. With the best MCP’s cutting edge technology now Telenor postpaid customers can avail seamless connectivity for calling and sending sms on their handsets onboard cruise-ships, ferries and other vessels globally, just as they do on the seashore. So with Telenor, stay connected with your friends, family members and business mates on land, sea, air or anywhere else.


As passengers of the following ferries and cruise lines, Telenor users can use all of Telenor’s voice and data services:

Country Norway
Operator Maritime
National call- peak 132.41
National call-off peak 132.41
Calls to Pakistan peak 195.14
Calls to Pakistan – off peak 195.14
Calls to rest of the world 278.77
Incoming call charges 33.00
Outgoing SMS 83.63
Call Set-Up 16.73
*Setup charges for international calls only
Applicable on postpaid
Inclusive of 19.5% GST


Country Norway
Operator Maritime
Price per KB in PKR Upload – peak/Off Peak 1.36
Price per KB in PKR Download – peak/Off Peak 1.36
Set-up Charge
Initial Charging Interval 10.kB
Subsequent Charging Interval 10.kB
Applicable on GPRS
Inclusive of 19.5% GST

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