Telenor Pakistan launches Online SIM Delivery Service

Telenor Online Sim Delivery
Telenor Online Sim Delivery
Telenor Online Sim Delivery

‘SIM Delivery Service’ is recently introduced by none other than Telenor Pakistan which includes the online booking of new SIM as well as Mobile Number Portability (MNP) along with the facility of home delivery because the customers were facing difficulties in the availability of Sims after they were banned on different retail outlets. So now the lucky customers of Telenor network have the opportunity of booking, purchasing and joining the network of Telenor Pakistan easily and very comfortably at their door step.

SIM Delivery Service website is the portal from where Telenor customers can use ‘Online SIM Delivery Service’ very conveniently for the booking of their own new prepaid number of Telenor Pakistan cellular network. Not only this, ‘Online SIM Delivery Service’ further facilitates Telenor customers with the delivery of their new prepaid connection at their door step without any fees, hassle or additional charges. Yes, it is true that ‘Online SIM Delivery Service’ is absolutely free of cost!!!

The Director Sales & Distribution of Telenor Pakistan, Malik Faisal Qayyum, said to the press at the launch of Telenor online SIM delivery service, “Telenor Pakistan has at all times been at the front position of offering innovative as well as opportune solutions to its dear customers, and SIM Delivery Service is yet an additional evidence of Telenor Pakistan’s customer centric approach to offer services as per the changing customer preferences. In the existing regulatory environment, it is going to be an important sales channel and we are sure that it will present ease to customers’ door steps.”

Telenor online SIM delivery service also enables the customers to select the prepaid number of their own choice having the prime code 0345. By calling on the helpline or service center number of Telenor Pakistan which is 345, existing customers of Telenor Pakistan can also book their favorite numbers while other users can dial 111-345-100 for the same purpose.

The orders after confirmation and booking will be delivered within 24 hours. These sales and delivery service will not be having any additional charges. Customers just need to pay the cash amount of SIM price only. Telenor online SIM delivery service is available in 17 cities. Telenor online SIM delivery service can also be used by the customers for the porting of their numbers to Telenor Pakistan network and in this way, they can enjoy exciting packages, services and offers of Telenor Pakistan.

For the online booking of SIM delivery service, some details will be required which include address, CNIC and other contact number. At the time of the delivery of SIM, customer has to show his original CNIC plus handover the photocopy CNIC to the delivery officer. The process for activation of prepaid SIM will be the same i.e. by calling 789.

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