Telenor Ramzan Offer – Make Free Calls with Telenor Talkshawk

Telenor Ramadan Offer
Telenor Ramadan Offer
Telenor Ramzan Offer

Telenor has always come up with the amazing and mostly free offers in a Holy month of Ramzan. That is the reason why telenor is rising up day by day. Now telenor offers free calls to all telenor talkshawk numbers all over the country except 7 pm till 11 pm for just Rs. 14.99 + tax. This offer can be availed by all the talkshawk 24hrs and economy subscribers.


Telenor Ramadan offer subscription charges are just Rs. 14.99 + tax.

Package Offers:

Make free calls, telenor to telenor 24 hrs except 7pm till 11pm.


All day (24hrs) except 7 pm till 11 pm.

How to activate:

Simply dial *001#.

Who can avail this offer:

Talkshawk 24 Hrs and Talkshawk Economy subscribers can avail this offer.


• Which Price Plan is the offer valid on?
The Offer is valid on TS 24 Hrs & TS Economy only

• What is the Subscription Price?
Subscription Charges are Rs. 14.99 + Tax.

• How long does the subscription last?
1 Days (same day expires at midnight)

• Will I have to subscribe to this offer on a daily basis?
Yes, the offer will expire at midnight and the user will have to
subscribe again the next day.

• What time window is the offer valid in?
Discounted rates are applicable for 20 hours. The offer will not be applicable between 1900 and 2300.

• What are the Onnet and Offnet rates of the Offer?
Regular Offnet rates will apply All Onnet calls will be free except for 1900 to 2300.

• What happens if a subscriber calls during the exclusion hours?
Regular on-net call rates will apply during 1900 and 2300

• Can a subscriber opt for the Ramazan offer and other LBCs/Poora Pakistan offers?
No, a subscriber can only opt for one offer at a time. If they have selected Ramazan offer, they will not be able to subscribe to LBC/Poora Pakistan offer and vice versa.

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