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Telenor Smart Tunes
Telenor Smart Tunes
Telenor Smart Tunes

Telenor Smart Tunes enable your callers to listen your favourite song when they call you. Its a great way to give them a loving message even before you pick the call. You can set a single telenor tune for all or different smart tunes for different callers. Following are the details of subscription and charges.

How to Subscribe Telenor Smart Tunes:
Write a message ‘Sub’ and send it to 345.
Or you can dial *230*000#

Features of Telenor Smart Tunes:
– You can copy someone’s Telenor Smart Tune while listening if you like it. Simply press * and you are done.
– You can dedicate/present/gift any smart tune to your friend.
– You can also make a music album of your smart tunes, each song will be played one by one (This is a new feature by telenor).
– You can download telenor music application in your handset.
– Signup to the Telenor Smart Tune portal and personalized your settings.

– One time subscription charges of smart tunes are Rs.10+Tax.
– Smart Tune charges are Rs.6+Tax
– Music Album or Music Channel charges are Rs.15+Tax per Month.

How to Purchase a Smart Tune:
– SMS ‘ST <Smart Tune Code>’ to 230
(Example ST 7654321).
– or Dial 230 and select from a large collection of Smart Tunes.

How to Gift a Smart Tune:
– SMS ‘Gift Phone number of friend’ to 230
(Example: Gift 1234567 03455123456)

Telenor Music Album/Channel:
Music album is a collection of your Telenor Smart Tunes that you purchase and add in your library.

– To Subscribe to a Music Album/Channel Dial *345*222#.
– SMS ‘MC ‘ and send it to 230.
– SMS ‘MA ’ and send it to 230.
– OR Dial 230.

How to Unsubscribe:
To unsubscribe Telenor Smart Tunes, Simply Dial *230*001#.

Collection of Smart Tunes Codes:
Here at we will be updating latest Smart Tunes every week in our Telenor Smart Tunes Category >> Here.

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