Telenor Talkshawk Bijli Offer

Telenor Talkshawk Bijli Offer

Telenor Talkshawk Bijli Offer
Telenor presents “Telenor Talkshawk Bijli offer’ for its customer by which Talkshawk subscribers can win free Bijli with “Talkshawk Recharge Pe Bijli Offer”. All Talkshawk prepaid customers can get a chance to win complete home solar energy systems every week on every recharge of just Rs.100 or more. Not only this, Talkshawk customers can also win 100s of solar fans and generators by Telenor Talkshawk Bijli offer. There are no subscription charges of Talkshawk Bijli offer. All Talkshawk prepaid customers can subscribe to Telenor Bijli offer. So don’t wait and start recharging your credit with a balance of Rs.100 or more. In order to increase your probability of winning these wonderful prizes and spending pleasant, relaxed load shedding-free summers , recharge as many times as possible before 30th June 2014.

How To Subscribe:

–          All you need is to be a Telenor Talkshawk prepaid customer to avail this exiting offer.
–          Through USSD Code or SMS, there is no subscription.
–          Subscription charges are zero.
–          In the campaign period i.e. before 30th June 2014, recharge Rs.100 or more as many times as possible.


–          Telenor Talkshawk prepaid customers will get one entry in the daily and weekly lucky draw for each recharge of Rs.100 or more.
–          In one day, more recharge of Rs.100 or more means more chances of winning daily prize.
–          In a week, more recharge of Rs.100 or more means more chances of winning weekly prize.
–          From every Monday to Sunday, Weekly prize cycle has the duration.


–          By Telenor Customer Care representative through calls made from 347, the winners of Telenor Bijli offer will be notified.
–          On the same call, winners will be informed about the prize handover process.
–          Calls that are made from any other number about the campaign are fake calls.
–          For any damages/claims, Telenor will not bear any responsibility.
–          Against such negligent/fraudulent misconduct/misrepresentation by any third party, Telenor will be held harmless.

Terms And Conditions:

–          This is a 30 day campaign that is starting from 1st June 2014 and ending on 30th June 2014
–          Offer is only valid for all Telenor Talkshawk prepaid customers.
–          Customer entries in the prize draw will be based on number of recharges of Rs.100.
–          On every incremental recharge of Rs.100, customer will acquire 1 entry for the prize draw.
–          Customer will be charged for all single calls, internet & SMS usage for the campaign as per subscribed price plan/bundle offer.
–          Prize draw for daily prizes will be made on 1 day recharge for all subscribers while prize draw for weekly prizes will be done on weekly recharge for every one subscriber.
–          This advertising does not be valid to smart share load sharing service.
–          Daily winners will win generators/small solar systems & weekly winners will win large solar systems subject to the sole discretion of Telenor, with a total number of 210 daily and 4 weekly prizes.
–          An eligible subscriber can win at most 1 prize (either daily or weekly) throughout the campaign period.
–          If Telenor discovers that a winner is not entitled to take part in the prize draw or a winner does not declare a prize within the predetermined period, Telenor may at its judgment give up the prize and/or get back it after award.
–          Telenor reserves the right to reveal and/or publish the name and any other particulars of the winners (including photographs) for advertising purposes and the winners consent to co-operate with and participate in any advertising or publicity activities organized by Telenor related to the prize draw.
–          Winners of prizes will be notified by Telenor Customer Care representative through calls made from 347.  Winning subscriber will be informed on the similar call concerning the prize handover process. Calls from any additional number regarding the campaign should be considered deceptive and Telenor will not put up with any blame for any damages/claims and be held safe against such negligent/fraudulent misconduct/misrepresentation by any third party
–          Unless otherwise informed in writing, the prizes shall be collected by the winner(s) and the prizes of each draw shall be claimed in one month from the date of announcement. To save the prize, the winner(s) must be there in person and must bring along CNIC for the collection of the prize and shall meet the terms with any instructions specified by Telenor. Larger prizes will be delivered by Telenor at the address designated by the winner; if the winner does not get the delivery Telenor may forfeit the prize.
–          The winner will have to sign an acknowledgement form former to collection of the prize.
–          The Prize is non-transferable and not negotiable for cash, credit, or any further item. The prize is subjected to terms and conditions of Telenor. The winner shall collect the prize at his/her individual risk and expense and is not entitled to any payment or recompense from Telenor should the prize be forfeited.
–          Telenor shall not be accountable or legally responsible for any damages and/or defects of the prize. Telenor will give the prizes on an ‘AS IS’ basis it gives no warranties and makes no representations including on suitability of purpose.
–          Actual prizes may vary from illustrations that are shown in marketing communication.
–          The winner and/or any other persons who profit from the prize accept and benefit from the prize at their own risk. For prizes that need installation, participating subscribers concur that Telenor shall not be accountable or liable for any defect or malfunction in the prize,  installation and in usage and/or for any loss, injury, damage, death or harm suffered or incurred or in association with the receipt, use or enjoyment of the prize by the winner or any person.
–          The energy systems given in the campaign have been selected on a set of specifications that wrap the fundamental need set for such systems, these specifications may differ from prize winners genuine electricity needs.  Telenor will not be responsible for upgrading prize specifications on a winner to winner basis.
–          Telenor’s verdict on all matters relating to the prize draw (including the selection of the winner) shall be concluding and obligatory Except for the notifications of the winner, Telenor shall not be obliged to enter into any communication on any matter about the prize draw.
–          Telenor may differ these Terms and Conditions exclusive of notice, or take out or discontinue the prize draw at any time without any notice or responsibility to subscribers.
–          Telenor shall not be liable to the subscriber for any loss or harm arising in relation with the prize draw, including any fault in computing any draws chances, any breakdown or malfunction in any computer/electronic system or equipment and any notice which is misdirected or lost in the post.
–          In the event of any discrepancy between these Terms and Conditions and any brochures, marketing or promotional materials relating to the promotion/campaign, these Terms and Conditions shall exist.

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