Telenor USB Dongles Offer

Telenor USB Dongles offer
Telenor USB Dongles offer
Telenor USB Dongles offer

Telenor USB Dongle is a particular USB device that can be easily plugged in your computer or laptop so as to provide instant access to internet not only over 400 local destinations, but also to several international destinations.

Telenor USB Dongles offer is available individually for both Telenor prepaid customers and Telenor postpaid customers. Each of the Telenor USB Dongles offer for each category of customers is detailed below for the ease of our web readers.

1)      Telenor USB Dongles offer for Telenor prepaid customers:

–          The price of device is just Rs. 3,999/-

–          For the usage of data, Charges of just Rs 3.5 per MB with no additional charges or Rs. 0.5 per minute with no additional charges are applied

–          by e-load, customers can load balance through any of our Telenor Franchises or easy-load Retailers

–          for checking the balance, send sms ‘Bal’ to 626

–          to all of the outgoing voice calls, Charges of just  Rs. 5 per minute are applied

–          for on-net sms, just Rs 1 + tax on per SMS basis will be charged

–          for off-net sms, just Rs 1.5 + tax on per SMS basis will be charged


2)      Telenor USB Dongles offer for Telenor postpaid customers:

–          The price of device is just Rs. 3,999/-

–          2GB of the data will be given for just Rs. 500 + tax on monthly basis

–          In case of any additional usage of data, Rs. 5 per MB will be charged

–          Rs. 1,500 will be charged as refundable security rates


  • Warranty information regarding Telenor USB Dongles device:

–          Telenor USB Dongles device has a limited warranty of 1 year applicable from the date of purchase.

–          Telenor USB Dongles USB device is “Network Locked”.

–          Any tampering with the Telenor USB Dongles USB device will result in the warranty to be canceled.


  • How to use Telenor prepaid USB Dongle/ stick:

If you are getting started on Telenor prepaid USB Dongle/ stick, you need to follow the following guidelines:

–          Switch you laptop or computer on and login with the admin account.

–          Insert Telenor prepaid USB Dongle/ stick in the port.

–          Go to ‘my computer’.

–          Go to ‘mobile partner’.

–          Go to ‘Autorun.exe’.

–          Go to ‘mobile partner folder’ and then click on ‘setup.exe’ in order to install the software on your laptop or computer.

–          After the successful installation of the software, restart your laptop or computer.

–          The icon of ‘Telenor mobile partner’ will be seen on your desktop, click it.

–          2 separate profile will be available i.e. volume based which is default and time based which is optional. You may choose any of them.

–          Internet world is in your access now. Get start with it.

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