Ufone 3G Packages Vs. Telenor 3G Packages

Ufone 3G Packages Vs. Telenor 3G Packages

Ufone 3G Packages Vs. Telenor 3G Packages

After the 3G award ceremony, Ufone and Telenor have commercially launched their 3G services in various cities of Pakistan. Ufone started 3G service from 24th of May 2014 while Telenor started it from 1st of June. Zong is a bit late in commencing its 3G service in Pakistan due to certain internal issues. Mobilink is left as the only telecom operator in this regard.

Here, simspk.com is presenting its readers with a comparison between Telenor and Ufone 3G packages for prepaid users so our readers can make the most of it while selecting the most appropriate 3G package for them. Let’s have a look below:

Telenor Prepaid 3G packages:

3G Bundles Rupees Quota (MBs) Validity  (Days)
Daily Bundle 15 50 1
Daily Plus Bundle 25 100 1
3 Day Bundle 35 200 3
Weekly Bundle 75 500 7
Monthly Bundle 400 3,000 30
Monthly Plus Bundle 1,000 8,000 30

Ufone Prepaid customers who do not subscribe to any of the above given Ufone 3G bundles would be daily charged 10 paisa per 10 KB for using 3G services. Upon reaching the daily maximum usage of Rs. 50, they will not be charged anymore and can browse the internet for free for the rest of the day.

Ufone 3G Packages:

Now let’s have a look to Ufone’s 3G bundle offers.

Basic Bucket
(Up to 256 kbps)
Charges (PKR) Volume Validity (Days) Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB 200 1GB 30 *4547#
Monthly 3 GB 500 3GB 30 *805#


Super Bucket (Up to 512 Kbps) Charges (PKR) Volume Validity (Days) Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB 500 1GB 30 *4548#
Monthly 3 GB 800 3GB 30 *806#


Ultra Bucket(Up to 3 Mbps) Charges (PKR) Volume Validity (Days) Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB 800 1GB 30 *4549#
Monthly 3 GB 1200 3GB 30 *807#


It can be seen evidently that Ufone presents a lot of choices to its customers when it comes to the monthly 3G offers. In monthly offers, users may select the finest choice as their package as per browsing and downloading limit. So in this view, Ufone has got the preference. Plus, Telenor looks unclear in giving comprehensive information regarding the browsing speed of internet package. Ufone clearly shows a partition in packages about the description of the browsing speed. When it comes regarding downloading limit, then Telenor seems to give further downloading limit in fewer prices. For example: in Telenor 3 GB monthly package, Telenor is charging 400 Rs. while Ufone is charging 500 Rs, giving the same volume for downloading.

If a person wants to have a package on daily basis, then unquestionably he would go for Telenor. In terms of giving daily packages, Ufone offered no package at all. Daily basis 3G packages are usually preferred by Lower income people. It will also present customers a chance to activate internet bundle on any day in the week whenever they wish for. Plus, Telenor also gives a chance to utilize 3 days, and weekly packages as well.

If Telenor customers don’t get activated their internet packages, they will be charged 10 paisa per 10 KB for using 3G services while in this regard Ufone did not visibly mentioned that how much it would charge if the user wouldn’t subscribe to any Ufone 3G offer.

Simspk hopes that we helped our readers in the selection of either Ufone or Telenor 3G package. Give us your feedback on our Facebook and twitter.

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