Ufone and Samsung Co-Launch Galaxy S5 in Pakistan


Samsung and the Ufone Company have joined hands together to launch the new smart phone arrival of Samsung Galaxy S5 and gear fit in Pakistan. It is believed that this contract will bring fruits to the friendship between the two companies. The services provided to the customers will also be enhanced by the companies. The Samsung Company for the very first time has introduced the Accidental coverage+ program for the Android phones on Pakistan. This will help cover the breakage on the screen, damage done by the liquid and several other problems related to the device.  Moreover, the Ufone Company feels privileged to sponsor the new arrival in Pakistan.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the new edition to the smart phones of the Galaxy series. The company believes that the introduction of new version of the phone, Samsung is trying to change the way people interact with each other through latest technologies. Moreover, the products launched by the company are always featuring rich and the new version is always filled with some exciting inventions of technologies. The interaction is made more meaningful through these phones. This is why people love to use Galaxy smart phones and rush to update their versions.

There are many applications offered by the Galaxy smart phones. For instance, the camera is the best part of them. Capturing moments is always a pleasure for every individual. The Samsung galaxy series offers the best camera among all the smart phones. Sharp pixels and high colors help you add life to your captured moments. It also offers the advanced Wi-Fi connectivity to its users. Its help you stay connected to the world. The new galaxy S5 has excellent features too. All the updated versions of applications are available for the clients. Moreover, the phone is enriched with the best and glam looks. The look of the phone matters a lot as it is the first eye- catching feature of it. The users switch to the applications after seeing the look of the phone. Vivid colors are used in the manufacturing of this smart phone such as gold, white, shimmery black, electric blue thus complementing the styles of the customers. Many other features are available too. The phone is expensive however; the price is according to the features it offers.

The UFONE and Samsung Company are working hand in hand to launch this Smartphone. This will enhance their friendship and will make a great profit to both the leading companies.

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