Ufone Brings the ShahCar Offer 2014


Ufone not only provides its customers with comprehensive communication but also lighten the lives of thousands of Pakistani through exciting prizes and schemes. Here it bring the most exciting offer of this season. The overwhelming success gained by the Ufone ShahCar Offer in the previous year, Ufone is proud to announce the scheme of Ufone ShahCar Offer2014 this year. According to the offer, 20 Ufone customers will win a brand new corolla each. This is a promise made by the Ufone Company and they will surely fulfill their promise as they did, the last year. No drama is a part of this offer as there are already 20 previous Ufone customers who had won Brand new corollas in 2013. Many other offers are also awaited for the clients by Ufone as to make each and every customer happy.

How to get a Chance to Win:

To avail the Ufone ShahCar Offer 2014, a recharge of PKR 200 or more is required from April 05, 2014 to May 20, 2014. This recharge will make you qualify for the offer through which you can win a brand new Toyota corolla this season. Each entry of rupees 200 will make you enters the luck draw even deeper. Multiple entries would help you in getting closer to the prize. Therefore recharge your account as much as you can and become a part of this thrilling game with Ufone. Make a chance of your own to win Toyota Corolla this season.

Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions are applied to avail the offer which is as follows:

  • This campaign is valid from 5th April, 2014 to 20th May, 2014. It may be that this offer amend or terminate at sole discretion of PTML.
  • Recharge of minimum balance of Rs. 200 (for pre-paid only) with taxes within the stated time period. This recharge of balance will render subscriber eligible to participate in this offer.
  • Each balance recharge of Rs. 200 with taxes will be counted as one/single (1) entry. However, multiple entries are allowed;
  • If the entries are late then Ufone does not accept the responsibility and the late will be disqualified.
  • The winners will be informed by Ufone Contact Center representative through the phone calls, which will be done from 333 CLI to the subscriber number.
  • Ufone will contact to the winners through 333. Any call from other numbers whatsoever informing the subscriber a winner, should be understood as Spam. Ufone will not accept any responsibility for such calls.
  • The winner will not involve in the activity of transfer of balance or performing the activity like Ushare. If any winner receives a call or SMS and declares that he/she is the winner & demands the Ushare from them, these should be considered as Spam and the winner should not be complied with. Ufone will not accept the responsibility for the compliance or any loss occurred to the subscribers be involving in such compliance with the communication by the subscriber.
  • This offer of ShahCar is valid for the new and the existing subscribers & the pre-paid customers also.
  • The winners of this offer will be announced during May 2014.
  • The subscribers, who want to participate in this offer and become the eligible for the prize under this campaign, it is necessary for them that the SIM should be registered in the name of the user.
  • If there are corporate consumers, the SIM registered in the company for the use of their employees, the prize will be awarded to the actual person to whom this SIM is registered.
  • Ufone will give these prizes to the customers under this offer, which is Toyota Corolla, XLI standard car. The colors and the model of the vehicle may be different from the car shown in the advertisement.
  • There are 20 prizes, which will be distributed at the end of the marketing campaign.

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