Ufone International Roaming 30 Paisa per Second Offer for UK

Ufone UK Roaming

Ufone UK Roaming

Ufone presents a varied and long list of different Prepaid International Roaming (IR) Offers to its customers worldwide that can open up a new world of ease for them when they do roaming abroad. Even if Ufone customer is out of Pakistan, Ufone promises to keep him in touch with his family by giving affordable calling rates n international roaming as low as 30 paisa per second. Yes, that is true!

Ufone presents 30 Paisa per Second Offer for UK International Roaming to its customers. With this offer, all the incoming calls from anywhere in the world to your Ufone sim in the UK will only be charged the lowest rates ever i.e. 30 Paisa per second. Not only this, incoming sms from anywhere in the world to your Ufone number will absolutely be free. 30 Paisa per second offer will automatically be available on your Ufone number on UK roaming, so there are no subscription charges for this offer.

A mix treat of easy connectivity and convenience is offered by The International Roaming 30 Paisa/Second Offer – UK. You just need to buy a Ufone sim. If while roaming you run out of credit then you can easily recharge your account by asking someone in Pakistan to recharge your balance through Uload or from any Paypoint shop, simply by visiting www.ezetop.com.

So whenever you decide to roam in UK, do remember to take you Ufone sim along to make the most from this exciting offer.

Terms And Conditions:

–          This offer is valid only for Ufone prepaid customers.
–          By default, this offer is available on all Ufone prepaid sims.
–          It has no subscription charges.
–          Only when customer is latched to T-Mobile (Everything Everywhere), Orange, Vodafone and Telefonica networks in UK, Per Second charging pulse is applicable.
–          Standard Roaming Charges are applied for any other roaming related usage.
–          On roaming to any other network, Standard Roaming Charges are applied.
–          Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime – PTA

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