Ufone Introduces Special Roaming Tariffs for Hajj Pilgrims

Ufone Introduces Special Roaming Tariffs for Hajj Pilgrims
Ufone Introduces Special Roaming Tariffs for Hajj Pilgrims
Ufone Introduces Special Roaming Tariffs for Hajj Pilgrims

Ufone has recently launched a brand new offer for its Ufone pilgrims leaving for Hajj. Like every past year, Ufone again presents an admirable offer in the month of Zil Hajj.

Ufone International Roaming Hajj Offer is presented by Ufone for Ufone Hajji customers which enables its Ufone Prepaid customers to use their Ufone SIM in Saudi Arabia at the lowest calling rates than ever before. Thus, Ufone pilgrims are completely free of the tension of buying a local Saudi Arabian SIM card that presents lowest calling rates. They can pay their full attention in praying rather than this tension of a new SIM with lowest calling rates of Ufone. Neither, they need to change their number during Hajj.

Special roaming charges by Ufone are available for prepaid customers only. Ufone prepaid roamers of Hajj who select Zain and Mobily networks of Saudia Arabia will be charged at a minimal rate for outgoing calls to Pakistan. Not only this, they will charged low rates on all incoming calls within Saudi Arabia. So buy your Ufone sim today before leaving for Hajj in Saudia Arabia.

Furthermore, incoming SMS from anywhere of the world to the Ufone prepaid roamers in Saudi Arabia during hajj will be absolutely free. On all Ufone prepaid numbers, Ufone International Roaming Hajj Offer is activated automatically without any charges. So you are free of hectic of subscription of Ufone Hajj offer.

In addition to this, these Ufone hajj offer subscribers can take a Ufone prepaid scratch card along with them or ask their friends and family in Pakistan to send them Uload. All these facilities can be availed by Ufone. Really, it’s all about U!!!

Tariff Details:

–          Rs. 0.30/second (inclusive of tax) will be charged on all outgoing calls to Pakistan as well as Saudi Arabia.
–          Rs. 0.48 per second will be charged on all incoming calls from region in the world.
–          For outgoing calls to Saudi Arabia & Pakistan only, Per second charging is applicable while standard IR tariff will be charged for other destinations.
–          Incoming SMS is absolutely free.
–          As per as the standard IR tariff, other services charges will be applied.
–          To avail lowest calling rates, Ufone prepaid roamers of Hajj have to be on Mobily or Zain Network in Saudi Arabia.

Terms And Conditions:

–          This offer is for Ufone prepaid customers only.
–          To avail this offer, there are no subscription charges.
–          On Ufone prepaid numbers, this offer is automatically activated without any charges deduction.
–          When subscriber is latched to Mobily and Zain networks in Saudi Arabia, per second charging can only be applicable in that case.
–          On roaming on other networks in these selected destinations, Standard published rates and charging shall be applied.
–          Ufone has the right to alter or terminate this offer at anytime.

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