Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013

Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013
Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013
Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013

Ufone is again here this year with 20 brand new Toyota Corollas which can be availed by 20 lucky Winners! Ufone has got the prevailage to bring happiness in your lives and smiles on your faces. It really makes your lives entirely different from the lives of rest of the subscribers of other cellular networks out there. Ufone ShahCar Offer was the favorite in the past years. Ufone, now in 2013 again, very proudly presents Ufone ShahCar Offer for its valued customers. It is not merely an offer but it is a step towards the promise of making the lives of ufone customers a bit happier. Really, it’s all about U!!!

Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013 brings 20 spectacular Brand New Toyota Corollas which can be won by any of the 20 lucky customers of ufone network. Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013 is very simple to avail. To avail Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013, ufone subscriber just needs to utilize a lowest balance of Rs.300 (inclusive of tax) from 7th of February, 2013 till 31st of March, 2013. This procedure will automatically qualify that ufone customer in the lucky draw of Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013 where any 20 lucky ufone customers can be the owner of 20 shimmering New Toyota Corollas. So it depends how much you consume balance because each time you will consume balance of Rs. 300, every time you will be qualified for the lucky draw. So there will be a greater chance to win this exciting Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013 by consuming more and more credit and by increasing the number of you entries in the lucky draw of Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013.

Terms and conditions:

There are certain terms and conditions for the subscription of Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013 which are mentioned below:

–          This offer will be terminated at the solitary prejudice of PTML very soon according to Consumer Protection Regulations (2009) plus any modifications thereto and has a validity period of from 7th of February, 2013 till 31st of March, 2013.

–          Within the period of validity, the consumption of a lowest balance of Rs.300 (inclusive of tax) will make ufone subscriber eligible to participate in this offer.

–          Every consumption of a lowest balance of Rs.300 (inclusive of tax) will be considered as one entry of the ufone customers in this offer.

–          Those entries which are late will be automatically disqualified and ufone will not take responsibility of it.

–          Winners of ufone ShahCar offer 2013 will be informed by a phone call made by the representative of ufone call center i.e. 333. On voicemail systems or on answering machine, no message about winning the offer will be left. The name of winner or his or her organization may also be announced by newspaper ad, sms, TV, website, radio or any other information media.

–          Winner will be informed only by ufone call center number i.e. 333. Ufone will not be responsible for any spam or false bluff calls.

–          If any caller calls ufone subscriber that he is the winner and demands some ufone credit via Ushare then it will definitely be a spam. So ufone subscribers should be aware of this bluff and should keep him away from such activities.

–          Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013 is valid for all new, old, existing, MNP & all postpaid and prepaid customers of ufone.

–          Ufone employees as well as their family members cannot be the part of Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013.

–          In the month of April 2013, winners of Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013 will be announced.

–          The winners of this offer will need to bring their original CNIC with then to the respective ufone service centers in order to complete the documentation.

–          Decision of ufone shall be deemed final regarding the declaration of winners.

–          On the determination by ufone, car prizes will only be distributed from some particular ufone service centers.

–          It is mandatory that to be a part and to win this offer, ufone sim should be registered in the name of original subscriber.

–          If the sim belongs to corporate customers for e.g. a company bought some Sims and distributed among the workers, the prize will be given to the original user.

–          Toyota Corolla (XLI – 1300cc) car is the prize of this offer but its model and color may be different from that one which is showed in the ads.

–          The winner of this offer shall be awarded with the car when he will comply with all the terms and conditions. However, ufone will not be responsible in any delay in the delivery of prize from Car Company or any fault or disturbance in machinery of car.

–          Winner will be responsible to bear cost of registration, additional applicable taxes (exclusive of gift tax), and levies as well as every related cost. Ufone will not be responsible for them

–          Ufone will have the right to take pictures of winners for promotion in any part of the world by residing in the limits of law.

–          Ufone is not responsible regarding the warranty of the prize.

–          Ufone will not be responsible if any prize cannot be awarded to any mishap which is not in control of ufone for e.g. fire, events etc.

–          By participating in this offer, ufone subscribers make them agree with the term and conditions of Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013.

Update:- Ufone ShahCar Offer 2014

6 thoughts on “Ufone ShahCar Offer 2013

  1. This is my advice to Ufone management that Lucky Draw ceremony may be held open & live via any Media Channel for free & fair draw otherwise nobodies believe your result and it could be treated fabricated & manipulated draw and you could loos your credibility.


    Syed Imtiaz Ali Shah.
    Ufone Customer

  2. ufone doky baz haye ghreb logo ko lotnay ka ahsan hal jis na muskal say balance karwaya 6 intareya the us ko nahe gari dw apnay magarmucho ko dy de dokaybaz ufone walay.

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